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Copyright Holder.

The website does not post material that is copyright or other intellectual property of other entities or individuals. If such material is posted on the site, the copyright holder has a right to contact the site's administration. 

There are various ways to resolve this issue. One of these is to create a link that will automatically redirect users to the copyright holder's application. This can be done by either replacing the link of the existing application with one that is accompanied by an advertisement.

The new link will take users to the appropriate page of the application or the Amazon Appstore, Google Play, or the official website of the developer. The copyright holder must then confirm that the applications are authorized to be accessed by users.

The copyright holder can also contact the site's administration by email or by sending a scanned document. These methods will help confirm that the application is authorized to be accessed. First, the copyright holder should write to the site administration using an e-mail that is clearly indicated in the application.

The application's official website should also be visited to create a link that will take users to the administration. The link should be enclosed in a .txt file that's named Latestmg. You can also contact the site administration by using its Feedback link, which can be found in the footer of the site.

The materials given by me are already available on the internet, I am a student and I am using them for education purposes, my intention is not to harm anyone.

The site administration will respond 48 Hours.
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