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BitLife - Life Simulator APK 3.10.17 (MOD,Menu)

Live Your Dream Life Get BitLife - Life Simulator APK Today Create Your Legacy, Make Choices, and Conquer! Download Now.
Menu Mod Features

    • Unlocked Bitizenship
    • God mode
    • You can buy the Boss Mode 


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    BitLife - Life Simulator Description

    Previously, there was a game called BitLife in the enchanted world of cellphones. It was unlike any other game that had ever been on my screen because it dared to boast that it could sum up a lifetime in a matter of minutes. I gave in to the temptation of the digital adventure, not realizing that it would turn out to be the most mind-bending and weird excursion of my virtual life.

    A Bob McSimulator was made BitLife - Life Simulator

    I had to come up with a persona before I could start this strange voyage. I gave him the name "Bob McSimulator" after giving it some thought since it seemed appropriate for such a grand trip. Bob was created in the little virtual community of Bitville, ready and eager to take over the world. Before he could go off on grandiose adventures, he had to overcome the fundamental difficulties of learning how to walk and communicate.

    Laughter in the Classroom

    Bob's early attempts at walking were similar to seeing a drunken penguin try to dance the tango. Too many times to count, he continuously tripped and fell. In terms of verbal communication, Bob's vocabulary was limited to a few absurd statements. It felt like I was carrying around a cute little caveman in my pocket.

    The Hard Knocks Method

    As the years passed, Bob realized it was time to start his academic career. Would you, however, believe it? He was summarily dismissed from first grade! Evidently, Bob had a penchant for painting weird faces on the walls of his classrooms. I couldn't help but grin as I imagined Bob using crayons to create a work of absurdity.

    A Strange Career Option

    Despite this early academic setback, Bob was unwavering in his resolve to get the most out of his BitLife. He decided to pursue a career as a professional dog walker, which would pave the way for many amusing occurrences. It was like being in a slapstick comedy as you saw Bob become caught in a maze of leashes while being chased by overeager poodles. However, Bob found this absurd profession to be the source of unmatched career happiness.

    Rubber Ducks and Love

    Let's now explore the details of Bob's amorous adventures. His romantic life was nothing less than a rollercoaster journey through the emotional tunnels. He had feelings for his next-door neighbor Sally, which led him to do the classic romantic gesture of writing and mailing her a love note. But destiny had other ideas. Bob accidentally sent out his collection of rubber ducks rather as a sincere letter! Instead of mockery, Sally's reaction was marked by the destruction of a rubber chicken. It was a romance built on the resonance of quacks, a unique introduction to love!

    Adventures That Never End

    The next years saw a variety of experiences in Bob's life. He ventured to jump from the skies, but he somehow managed to survive after forgetting to open his parachute. As a result of his involvement in a football game streaking incident, Bob even got himself in legal trouble. Bob's life swung from one unplanned incident to another, and laughing at the erratic character of his living became a recurring motif. It seems as if he had an odd magnet for mishaps!

    From Conflict to Fame

    One beautiful day, Bob nurtured the dream of reaching the heights of rockstar acclaim. He started rehearsing in his garage with a guitar and a fire for success in his belly. Regrettably, his first concert in a neighborhood tavern evolved into an epic of unmatched scope—an epic of musical catastrophe! The crowd assumed Bob's performance was a comedy act since it was so wildly dissonant. But Bob's perseverance persisted, and with constant practice, he transformed into a rockstar phenomenon. Who would have guessed that the person who once meowed like a cat in anguish would one day reach the pinnacle of musical fame?

    Investigating the World

    Bob felt a feeling of success as he moved through the territory of becoming older. His path had been full of memorable incidents, from being kicked out of first grade to becoming a rock star. He had laughed and cried, treasured and given up, and done it all in BitLife's virtual world.

    Unrealized Potential

    The story of Bob's life did not, however, include the accomplishment of one dream: the desire to travel. He set off on a world tour during his golden years, climbing the Great Wall of China and indulging in sushi feasts in Japan. Bob dutifully took a selfie at each stop to document the event, sometimes enlisting the help of willing strangers to do so.