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ZooCraft MOD APK 10.5.2 (Unlimited Money/Token)

Create Your Dream Zoo with ZooCraft MOD APK Build, care, and explore. Download now for wild animal adventures


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Welcome to Zoo Craft: Animal Park Tycoon, the top zoo management and animal game that will bring out your inner zookeeper! Prepare on an exciting trip as you turn a little zoo into the world's most appealing animal park paradise. Display your zoo management prowess, care for a varied assortment of animal species, and build a wildlife refuge unlike any other. Prepare to feel the excitement of being a zoo tycoon!

Establish and Run a Magical Animal Kingdom

A fun tycoon-style game and zookeeper simulation are combined in Zoo Craft. Your goal as a knowledgeable zoo keeper is to create and run a magical animal empire. Take care of a variety of creatures, including playful pandas, magnificent elephants, cute giraffes, and fierce tigers. Create clean environments, put in place specialised care plans, and make sure every species under your care is healthy and happy. The world's animal lovers will travel in droves to see your wildlife park.

Create the Zoo of Your Dream Anywhere, Anytime

Being a zoo magnate offers entertainment across several locations. You can create and run the ultimate zoo with Zoo Craft from anywhere, even without an online connection. Take on the responsibilities of managing a wildlife park by giving your animals the best possible care. Your wildlife refuge will succeed because of your dedication to animal care.

Help Care for Adorable Animals

Zoo Craft's animals are not just domestic pets; they are wild creatures that need a suitable environment and care. Discover amazing information about their development and provide them a pleasant home in your zoological garden. Make your animal park the greatest on the globe and take in the delight of your guests as they interact with the creatures you so carefully tend to.

Find Incredible New Species in the Lab

As a zoo manager, unleash your imagination by creating new species in the magic lab by fusing various animals. Your zoo may grow to new heights thanks to this innovative breeding method that lets you produce uncommon and unusual species. Think about a world where gryphons and dragons are pets. Give more than 200 different animal species amazing new homes by unlocking them.

Visit your friends' zoos and take part in activities

Make contact with pals and go to their zoos to compare them to yours. By helping one another, you may increase the Shell of Friendship's output in your animal park and generate more profitable in-game pearls. Take part in enjoyable events, challenges, and quests to keep the interest in Zoo Craft high. Entice tourists who appreciate nature with compelling exhibitions and challenging quests.

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • Unlimited Money