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Wild Arena Survivors APK 4.10.0 (MOD,Unlimited Money)

Dominate the Wild Wild Arena Survivors MOD APK - Battle for Supremacy in the Untamed World Download Now.


Welcome to Wild Call, the ultimate battle royale experience that offers never-ending action, heart-pounding combat, and an adrenaline-fueled journey unlike any other. You'll choose your Survivor and play against 40 other players on a single map in this action-packed game for the opportunity to win a triumph on an exotic island. To show your mettle as the greatest Survivor, gather resources, arm yourself against wild beasts, and participate in intense battle!

A Diverse Cast Awaits as You Unlock & Upgrade Special Survivors.

The Survivors featured in Wild Call are a varied group, each with unique playstyles, weapons, and skills. Select from more than 13 different characters, each with an intriguing past that deepens the game's tale. To unleash their full potential and emerge as a strong force on the island, gather them all and improve their talents.

Loot & Upgrade: Equip Yourself for Victory

Scavenge for important materials as you explore the exotic island to improve your weapons and equipment during each fight. Strengthen your equipment to take out opponents with accuracy and force, giving you the upper hand in battle. Utilise your equipment and plunder wisely to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.

Learn to Adapt and Outlast Your Competition to Survive in the Wild

Wild Call Island is uninhabited and alive with survivors, wild creatures, and mysteries. To survive the competition and become the last real survivor, you must adapt and innovate in the dangerous surroundings. To secure your survival, use the special skills of your selected character and manage the threats of the island.

Fast-Paced Hero-Based Battle Royale, 10 Minutes, 40 Players

Fast-paced, 10-minute bouts are available in Wild Call, guaranteeing action-packed gaming. Fight against 40 expert opponents, each of whom has a different Survivor. To take the upper hand and win, master your character's playstyle and make wise choices.

Numerous Game Modes: Unending Thrills Await

Choose from a variety of game types that are always evolving and each giving a unique experience. Feel your heart race as you compete alone in SOLO MODE or with a partner in DUO MODE to lead your squad to victory. Wild Call accommodates a variety of playstyles, making each game a unique and exhilarating experience.

Earn rewards to advance through the Wild Pass and unleash Star Survivors.

To advance in the Wild Pass, a system that rewards your accomplishments with priceless resources, complete numerous missions and challenges. Improve your roster to meet the challenges ahead by unlocking the season's top survivor.

Highlights: Get Into the Action

Choose from a diverse group of over 13 distinct Survivors, each with an engrossing narrative and playstyle.

40 players may compete in quick matches in a variety of game options to keep the action exciting and dynamic.

To create strong and varied playstyles, upgrade your Survivors and their Perks.

For each battle, upgrade your weapons and items to become a more powerful opponent on the island.

The thrilling experience that Wild Call offers will be decided by talent, strategy, and fast thinking. Are you prepared to take on the challenge and win in this exhilarating battle royale? You are about to arrive on the island!

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • free purchase
  • Unlimited Money