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Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero MOD APK 4.0 (One Hit, God Mode, Unlimited Card)

Elevate Your Gameplay with Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero MOD APK Become the ultimate hero. Download now for thrilling battles.


A gripping and heart-pounding action and fighting arcade game called Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero Chaos War Battle is accessible on Google Play. This game guarantees a completely immersive gaming experience unmatched by anything else thanks to its exceptional visuals, music, and sound effects. This essay will examine the engaging elements and gameplay of the outstanding game that has completely revolutionised the Stickman gaming industry.

The Narrative Super Stick Fight AllStar Hero

Players are introduced to a brand-new plot that centres on characters we are all acquainted with in the game. Characters from other worlds may enter your reality via a space vortex thanks to a collection of wicked masterminds known as the Devil God organisation. You and your new companions must work together to defeat these formidable enemies and put an end to the Chaos War as it spreads.

The Super Heroes You Want

Selecting your Super Heroes is one of Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero's unique features. A whopping 142 characters are available to choose from in the game, and new heroes are often introduced to keep things interesting. Gather, develop, and grow your heroes to bring forth the best in them and assemble a powerful squad.

Storyline and Levels are Deep

With 11 chapters and a massive 500 levels, the game has an interesting plot. The game's creators routinely update it with new chapters and levels to keep gamers interested and craving more. Because each level has a different set of obstacles and adversaries, the gameplay is always exciting and new.

Excellent Upgrade System

The upgrading system in Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero is extensive but simple to utilise. Players may increase the ultimate strength of their Super Heroes, making them even more potent in combat. The upgrade system encourages players to carefully plan their advancement and skills by introducing an additional layer of strategy to the game.

Multiple Combat Techniques

The fighting system in this game has more than 300 distinct skill kinds accessible. Players have a vast arsenal at their disposal, ranging from strong strikes like the Hame attack ball, Final Blast, Spider web, and Thunder Flash to distinctive abilities like Roar of the God, Iron Gun Machine, Brave Soldier, and many more. Each combat is certain to be exciting and tough due to the diversity of talents.

Play-by-Play and Leagues

The thrilling Player versus. Player (PvP) mode in Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero has seven distinct leagues, including Beginner, Amateur, Pro Player, Top Player, Legend, God, and Ultimate. Players may compete against people from all around the globe in an attempt to move up the rankings and win amazing prizes. Only the strongest will prevail on such a terrible battlefield.

Power Challenge: An Original Experiment

The Power Challenge mode offers a Rogue-like gaming experience for those looking for a little additional excitement. Because of the unpredictable nature of this mode, every combat encounter seems new and unique. As you put your abilities to the test in this thrilling game mode, be ready for heated fights and unexpected turns.

In the game, can I improve my Super Heroes?

Definitely! Players may increase the ultimate power of their Super Heroes in the game thanks to an easy-to-use upgrading system. Players may build a powerful squad for fights by developing and levelling their heroes.

How varied is the game's fighting system?

Super Stick Fight All-Star Hero"'s battle system is very varied, including more than 300 distinct skill kinds. Each fight is hard and thrilling because to the players' access to a variety of potent attacks and special powers.

Is the game's PvP mode available?

The game does indeed have a thrilling Player versus. Player (PvP) Mode with seven distinct leagues. With the goal of moving through the rankings and obtaining amazing prizes, players may battle against opponents from all around the globe.

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • Unlimited card
  • One hit kill
  • Unlimited Money
  • Multiple Damage