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Rick and Morty APK 2.32.0 (MOD,Coupons)

Join Rick and Morty Adventures with MOD APK Explore, laugh, and conquer dimensions. Download now for intergalactic hilarity


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Get ready for the galaxy's best multi-dimensional grandson combat simulation with "Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys"! Take on the role of Rick Sanchez, the unstable genius who is quirky and well-liked, and go on an adventure full of weird Mortys and action-packed combat throughout several realms.

The Unexpected Meeting

Your life is in shambles as you are ranting with Morty in your garage when a mystery Rick unexpectedly comes via a portal. He imprisons you there, where you discover the exciting practise of gathering and battling Mortys from other realms. Your portal pistol is taken away by the Council of Ricks, and you must now earn badges by defeating Ricks all throughout the universe in order to get it back.

Interminable Morty-Based Action

Explore the universe to find, raise, and develop over 300 odd and unusual Mortys. The variation is infinite, ranging from the infamous Cronenberg Morty to the hilarious Pickle Morty and even Car Morty. By mastering your abilities and mixing various Mortys to create powerful teams, you may create the ultimate Morty Deck.

Multiple-player combat and trading

Battle and trade in exhilarating multiplayer matches with both friends and foes. Battle other players to demonstrate your skill as a Morty trainer in thrilling encounters. You may experience the excitement of competition and companionship by trading Mortys with other trainers.

Investigate and Conquer

There is much more to learn than just the Morty-based adventures. As you travel around the cosmos in the Campaign mode, fight for your freedom. Test your abilities to the utmost by taking on multi-tiered challenges in the Morty games. To enhance your money and resources, take up side missions, invest in things, or engage in crafts.

An abundance of nods and references

"Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys" is a veritable gold mine of show allusions and characters that will thrill and amuse fans. Enter the zany and hysterical world of the cherished TV show.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited  Coupons.
  • Unlimited  Schmeckles.
  • unlimited tickets