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Revived Witch MOD APK 0.2.2 (Menu/Damage/defense)

Embrace Magic and Adventure with Revived Witch MOD APK Uncover secrets, cast spells, and rewrite your destiny. Download now for enchanting gamepl


A tower of unmatched mystery grows from the depths of a forest on an unknown, dark continent—a structure bursting with strong magic. Legendary rumour suggests that the structure may be home to a mysterious force that has attracted countless souls to its embrace. However, no one has ever escaped from its depths since its secrets are still cloaked in mystery. An ghostly cry that resonates from the unknown awakens a sleeping lady against this ominous setting. She is a witch with hazy recollections, yet she heeds the voice's invitation to set off on a fateful voyage.

The Call to Adventure: A Witch's Awakening

The maiden advances, forcing open the tower's massive doors with a staff in hand and a pointed hat on following the direction of that enigmatic voice. Revived Witch is an adventure role-playing game that fuses the worlds of 2D dynamic pixel graphics with 3D lighting. You will play the part of a young witch who ventures inside the mysterious tower as the story develops, traversing several realms to fulfil her destiny. She will develop relationships with companions of various spirits along the way and engage in combat with powerful adversaries.

The Art and Light Masterstroke: A Fusion of Realms

A Combination of Elegance Pixel art that moves in two dimensions and three clash. A vast span of planets awaits your investigation in the resulting tapestry.

Start on the Road to Development: Developing Characters

Personality Development: Enhance your characters by levelling up, crafting, and imbuing gear to increase the power of your squad. Get ready for the challenges ahead.

Explore the Mystical Realms with Living Characters

Living Individuals: Characters come to life thanks to the cutting-edge Live 2D technology, with the voices of experienced performers like Ogura Yui, Yuuki Aoi, and Tomatsu Haruka, among others, lending their voices to the characters.

The Nexus of Time: unleash the Dance of Battle

Utilise the ebb and flow of order and chaotic energy, skillfully handled to defeat enemies and protect your allies in real-time battle, with The Nexus of Time. You have control over the ebb and flow of destiny.

A New Vistas Journey: Crossing Realities

Moving Across Realities Cross the thresholds to parallel worlds where fiery dungeons, mystical woods, and frozen regions reveal their appeal. Enjoy the wonders of discovery.

The Harmonies of the Journey: A Celebration of Exploration

A Poem for Adventure: The soundtrack's songs envelop you in the hug of your trip and provide life to each step. Put on headphones for a more immersive experience.

Accept Risks and Prepare for a Magical Odyssey

The tapestry of Revived Witch unfolds before you as you set out on this enchanted journey. Destiny, camaraderie, and the attraction of the unknown are all woven into its strands. Set off with your staff and cap in hand for the tower is calling and fate is speaking to you. Download Revived Witch to dive into the story and experience an adventure that crosses worlds.

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • High-Resolution Pixel Art
  • Character Cultivation
  • Beautiful BGM
  • Exploration of Different Worlds
  • Unlimited Money