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Knighthood MOD APK 1.17.0 (Unlimited Money/One Hit)

Become a Heroic Knight with Knighthood Knights MOD APK Forge your legend. Download now for epic quests and battles.


Knighthood: The Knight RPG Mod APK Knighthood: The Knight RPG menu hack Knighthood: The Knight RPG menu mod APK


In the thrilling RPG game Knighthood, players may assume the role of a brave rage knight who is destined for greatness. You all embark on a mission to become the Astellan kingdom most renowned and feared knight in this action-packed adventure. You will fight in exciting battles, defeat foes, and pave your way to legendary status with strong relics, legendary equipment, and a group of ancient heroes by your side. Join the Knighthood to start the grand RPG journey.

The Making of Your Knight

You will design your knight at the beginning of your quest, giving the character life that is entirely unique to you. It's time to prepare for the next fights with your knight, who will serve as your avatar in the virtual world.

Getting the Gauntlet

Your first test when you enter the role-playing game universe of Astellan is to get the Gauntlet. This potent artefact stands as a testament to your might and the Knighthood. Your real role-playing game adventure starts after you get the Gauntlet.

Acquiring legendary goods

You will go on hunts and missions to raid riches that will improve your equip as you go. Build up your knight's equipment collection to enhance your battle skills. In the PvP arena, hold yourself high while exhibiting your distinct strength and flair.

Hiring Legendary Heroes

You won't be alone yourself in the realm of knighthood. Enlist the aid of legendary warriors and call upon their awesome powers. Upgrade these characters to increase your fighting skills and guarantee victory against tough opponents.

Improving RPG Combat Techniques

RPG fighting abilities are the key to becoming a great knight. Utilise a flawless series of blows, effortlessly alternating between weapons, the Gauntlet, and hero abilities. To prevail in gesture-based battles, choose your RPG strategies carefully.

Developing into a PvP Arena Hero.

You'll engage in tense combat with other knights in the PvP arena. As you seek to become the supreme hero of the arena, demonstrate your RPG tactics and fighting dexterity. Earn the respect of your peers by demonstrating your value.

Changing Your Knight's Look

Make a statement in the RPG world with your own flair. Completely personalise your knight's look and flaunt your spectacular sense of style. Make sure your appearance captures attention on the battlefield and accurately represents your RPG personality.

 Establishing an Alliance and Forming a Guild

You may improve your RPG abilities and take on difficult enemies alongside your other knights by joining a guild. To improve your RPG tactics, gather your friends, form an unstoppable group, and communicate in real time.

Engaging in Great Battles Together

You will fight in mighty conflicts inside your guild, establishing a legacy worthy of the honour of the Knighthood. Make powerful partnerships with other knights and raid difficult foes together.

In-app purchases and age restrictions

A smartphone game called Knighthood is available for free download with in-app purchases. To participate, participants must be at least 16 years old or have express parental agreement. It is possible to disable the function via device settings for people who want to avoid making in-app purchases.

Mod Features
  • Unlimited Actions // Unlimited Action Chains
  • One Hit Kill // Kill Enemies with 1 Hit