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Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 7.8.0m (Unlimited Mony/Gems/Skins)

Unlock the Ultimate Dragon World with Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK Unlimited Adventure Awaits! Download Now


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Welcome to Dragolandia, a hidden island filled with many mythical Dragons and unending adventures. You have the chance to become a renowned Dragon Trainer in Dragon Mania Legends and unleash the full power of these amazing beings.

Create a Legendary Dragons Team.

Build your squad of legendary dragons in the enchanted region of Dragolandia by immersing yourself in a dragon fantasy metropolis and embarking on a long adventure. Release your dragons' amazing abilities via careful breeding and training as you fight in thrilling battles on various islands and realms. The family will enjoy the intriguing dragon simulator experience provided by Dragon Mania Legends.

Create Lasting Bonds with Your Magic Pets

Playing fun mini-games will help you create lasting ties with your magic pets as you go through this magical animal fantasy world. Feed them loving attention, tasty snacks, and additional gold to strengthen your dragon squad. Enrol your dragons in the prestigious school of magic to unlock a wealth of amazing talents and powers.

Create and personalise your fantasy city.

Create and personalise fantasy city islands that are filled with magnificent structures and furnishings to take control of your fate. Your realm will continually be graced with exclusive dragons and limited-time events, assuring excitement at every step. Create a safe haven for your cherished dragons while taking part in continuing online adventures in the captivating magic universe.

Find Rare and Cute Baby Dragons

Set out on a fascinating mission to build a collection of pet dragons unlike any other. Discover new species by experimenting with different pairings, and watch as lovely young dragons are born, each bearing a delicious surprise of their own. The options are endless when you have hundreds of rare species at your disposal. Breeding, improving, and creating rare dragons while perfecting their use of the elements and their respective abilities.

Take Part in Ever-Interesting Monster-Training Simulation

The charm of Dragon Mania Legends resides in its seasonal events, frequent content updates, variety of weaponry, and unique missions, which provide an always-engaging monster-training simulation. Level up your dragons and build up your collection to make them legendary. Explore magic portals to find uncommon creatures, and mix dragons to bring out the best in them.

Take Back Your Land from the Powerful Vikings

Prepare your dragon army to take on the evil Vikings and tenaciously recapture your territory. To strengthen the abilities of your dragons, collect enchantment ingredients and combine various breeds and components. Enter the Arena and engage in fight with the monsters of your rivals to prove that you are the best dragon trainer and to win battle rewards and potent weaponry.

The Academy: Train Your Dragons

Develop your dragons' battle skills at the Academy by teaching them specialised monster assaults and strategic moves in this engaging magic animal army simulator. At the prestigious dragon school, tirelessly train them while upgrading their abilities and teaching them new talents. Observe their development into brave animal warriors and carefully match their abilities and ingredients to prevail in the heat of combat.

Together with other dragon enthusiasts, form powerful alliances.

In Dragon Mania Legends, forge powerful partnerships with other dragon fans. Make friends, go to each other's favourite islands, and give each other meaningful presents. Connect with other dragons to increase your strength, use the Clan online chat to create the best team tactics, or just tell your beloved animals about your travels.

Enter the world of Dragon Mania Legends, where your career as a Dragon Trainer starts and the fate of the dragon race is in your control. Release the magic, create enduring ties, and watch your dragons' tale reach new heights!

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Unlimited  Gems.
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited Money and gems
  • Unlimited food