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Darling Pet MOD APK 1.7.7 (Unlimited Money)

Create Your Perfect Pet Story with Darling Pet: Choose Your Love MOD APK Find your furry friend and embark on a pet-tastic adventure. Download Now.


We cordially invite you to enter the enchanted world of Darling Pet: Choose Your Love, the greatest interactive otome romance game loaded with exhilarating simulations. As you save animals and learn that they change into four alluring males, be ready to be mesmerised! Your decisions in this visual novel-based romance simulator will influence the whole story's storyline and provide a variety of thrilling conclusions. Get ready for a voyage full of affection, options, and cute pet males!

A Romantic and Discreet World

Your decisions while you play Darling Pet will influence how your love journey plays out. Every choice you make has an impact on how the tale plays out and how your relationships turn out. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as you explore alternative routes and see how the plot develops depending on your kissing decisions!

Exceptional Graphics and Sound Effects

Darling Pet has gorgeous artwork and engrossing sound effects that improve the gameplay. The interactive conversation tales are given depth by the visual and aural components, which makes the game more interesting and fun. Take a deep dive into the romantic and fantastical universe, where love lovers await your loving decisions.

Four Adorable Love Interested

Four distinct love interests—each with their own special charm and personality—will appear to you during the course of the game. Which personality type—mysterious and gloomy or charming and playful—will you pick? As you manage these attractive pet guys' exciting routes, the outcome of your amorous adventure is in your control.

Thrilling plots and Secret Episodes

There are many surprises in store for you from Darling Pet. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you uncover secret episodes and exhilarating story twists. As you try to find every one of the hidden endings and bonus episodes, your interest and enthusiasm will reach a peak, making every game-playing experience thrilling and satisfying.

Love, Mystery, and Peril

Introducing a brand-new love tale with enigmatic fantasy elements—are you up for it? Darling Pet challenges you to make difficult decisions while navigating risky neighbourhood settings. You will experience fatal love under difficult circumstances. Can you maintain your tranquil daily routine while pursuing the exciting roads of danger and romance?

Excellent for Otome and Romance Fans

Darling Pet is the ideal blend of engaging otome romance and exciting mystery. This game delivers a varied and interesting experience, regardless of whether you like anime, romance novels, or otaku culture. Play an interactive dating otome game to fully immerse yourself in the realm of destined love.

By making decisions, you can shape your future.

In Darling Pet, your decisions have the ability to influence your future. Discover the pleasure of rescuing four endearing pet boys in a perilous circumstance by diving into this otome roleplaying episode game. Each choice you make will take you down a new road, making every replaying interesting and distinct.

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • No Bans
  • Premium Choices
  • Unlimited Money