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Call of Dragons MOD APK (Unlocked All)

Download Call of Dragons MOD APK now! Command mighty dragons, conquer kingdoms, and rewrite history. Unleash the power.


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game_name Description

Experience the enchanting realm of Call of Dragons, where the fusion of intricacy and vivaciousness gracefully performs upon the stage! Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring expanse spanning 3.88 million square kilometers, wherein the enigmatic allure of War Pets beckons you to embark on an unprecedented voyage. In this domain, the amalgamation of potency and grandeur unfolds as you engage with untamed magnificence, harnessing and refining these creatures into unwavering allies on the battlefield.

The Grand Convergence: Overcoming War Beasts Call of Dragons

Their resonating roars harmonize seamlessly with the resounding notes of fantastical legions. As these beings contribute to your cause, observe how their collective primal might and supernatural aptitude culminate in a crescendo of potency.

Train War Companions: The Arcane Craftsmanship

Instill profound emotions within your War Pets and nurture the tendrils of connection until the Affection Level ascends to celestial heights. Nourish their essence with sustenance, restore their vitality, and oversee the inheritance of mystical expertise. 

The Mythic Prelude: Summoning Behemoths

Unite with your fellow warriors to forge an alliance endowed with the courage to confront colossal Behemoths. Subdued after defeat, these ancient titans serve as your instruments on the battlefield. As you establish dominance, invoke them as storms of domination, imbuing the battleground with their imposing presence.

The Paradox of Sovereignty: Embracing the Freedom to Conquer

Seize dominion over the third dimension itself, basing your strategy on intricate topography. Command armies that traverse the skies akin to the veins of rivers and mountains. Unleash devastating barrages while orchestrating the advancement of your allies, leading them to the pinnacle of victory in an opus of grandiose fantastical warfare.

A Rite of Ascendancy: Cleansing War Companions, Then Fighting Alongside Them

Embark on a sojourn to encounter kindred spirits, whether they be cunning Bears, unyielding Lizards, aloof Rocs, or capricious Faedrakes. Evoke their presence alongside legions of enigmas in harmonious unity, nurturing their essence to mold them into instruments of cataclysmic transformation.

Subdue, instruct, and summon behemoths through The Alchemy of Mastery.

The setting of our narrative, Tamaris, lies in a state of vulnerability before the dominion of behemoths. Rally a phalanx with a singular purpose: to topple these giants and harness their fury to your advantage. Enlighten others about your crusade, melding their ire with your aspirations. At your command, a latent force awakens, poised to rend the heavens asunder.

The Transient Sanctuary: Restorative Grace for Units

Untethered from the grip of avarice, wounded souls convalesce, revitalizing their essence without depleting your resources. Participate in the tumult of battle, engage in skirmishes with adversaries, and plunge headlong into the maelstrom of your ambition. The fervor of the battlefield flows unbridled, unencumbered by the shackles of resource-related concerns. Your reign's inception is at hand!

An Unfolding Cosmos: Innumerable Marvelous Creatures

Tamaris, a realm teeming with enigmatic races, unveils a tableau of splendid diversity. An ethereal convergence of potential allies encompasses the renowned Elves, resolute Orcs, shrewd Satyrs, sagacious Treants, regal Forest Eagles, and celestial Ethereals. Beware the lurking hydras, colossal bears, thundering rocs, and other dread-inducing entities.

The Shadowy Aspect of Dominion: Potent Heroic Expertise

Champions, cloaked in valor, surge to the forefront of command. Survey the battlefield, then unleash tempestuous forces to sever the chains of destiny at the zenith of the conflict's tide.

The Incarnation of Pantheon: Aerial Legions & Tridimensional Terrain

Harness the intricacies of three dimensions to erect strongholds and launch blitzkriegs.  A cataclysmic cadence known as the tempest descends, rending the firmament and heralding the establishment of your imperium.

Embark upon the Call of Dragons Symphony, intrepid soul! As the allure of War Pets beckons, propelling you into an era of boundless conquest, navigate the nexus of intricacy and vibrant diversity. 

How To Install Call of Dragons MOD APK?

  1. Choos Call of Dragons MOD APK.
  2. Pick a Reliable Source
  3. Enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Download the MOD APK. 
  5. Install the MOD APK. 
  6. Give Required Permissions.
  7. Complete the installation.
  8. Start the game And Enjoy.

Menu Mod Features

  • Open Chests
  • Auto Win
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked Everything