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Awaken Chaos Era MOD APK 1.4.190 (Menu/Weak Enemy)

Awaken the Chaos in Era with MOD APK Unleash power, conquer realms. Download now for an epic journey through chaos.


Players are invited to immerse themselves in a mythological world in Awaken Chaos Era, an old continent kept together only by the elemental forces that made it. However, because of the prior King's acts, which upset the delicate balance, peace now hangs in the balance between survival and destruction. Players must rise to the occasion and unleash their inner hero to restore balance as darkness and light clash in an endless battle. Awaken: Chaos Era offers an amazing gaming experience with its dazzling aesthetics, strategic gameplay, and gripping story.

Assemble your forces Menu Awaken Chaos Era MOD APK

In the world of Awaken, heroes are the ones who can control fate. To defeat their enemies, players must carefully create the appropriate mix of strong heroes, each with an own set of skills and powers. Players have access to a wide variety of heroes, allowing them to assemble a strong squad to take on any task.

Images in the Cinematic Style

Awaken: Chaos Era's captivating 3D artwork and cinematic-style aesthetics will have you spellbound. Players will be lured into the fascinating plot as characters unleash their abilities and launch lethal assaults, which will further stoke their drive to win.

Intuitive Gameplay

More than just sheer power is necessary to succeed on the battlefield. Each hero in Awaken: Chaos Era provides a unique set of skills that may be used to their advantage to defeat rivals. The keys to success will be thoughtful planning and flawless execution.

PVE Campaign

Explore an exciting PVE campaign to learn more about Awaken's secrets. Follow Evelyn, the main character, on her valiant mission to locate her absent father and put the country back to rights. Players will go on an exciting trip with the narrative-driven tale that reveals the history of heroes and the destiny of the realm.

Endless Exploration Awaken: 

Chaos Era has many fascinating things to discover. Climb the ranks in intense PVP combat in the arena, confront the difficulties of rogue-like dungeons, and face off against powerful guild bosses. The journey will never lose its appeal since gamers may find sought-after heroes and claim rewards.

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • Enemy Health Modifier
  • Enemy Attack Modifier
  • Weak Enemy
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free shipping