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YouTube ReVanced 18.35.36 APK (No Root/Ads Free)

Upgrade Your YouTube Experience with ReVanced Enjoy Ad-Free, Background Play, and More. Elevate Your Viewing Now.


Although YouTube Vanced, a once popular and user-friendly programme, is no longer functioning, users still remember its impact and simplicity. Although its absence has created a hole, there is still high expectation for its return, particularly in light of the introduction of substitute choices that provide equal capabilities and maybe even better user experiences.

Taking Up the Legacy

YouTube ReVanced APK: The Alternative for the New Age

The official replacement to YouTube Vanced is now known as YouTube ReVanced APK. Although it is still in the development stage, this application maintains YouTube Vanced's essential features while fixing pressing problems to retain its heritage. In this essay, we examine YouTube ReVanced's features and dig into its universe.

An Alternative to Consider: A Companion for YouTube Fans

Much like its predecessor, YouTube Vanced, YouTube ReVanced offers Android users an alternative to YouTube. This feature enables users to go back to the earlier version if the new and unfinished ReVanced software needs fixing. ReVanced APK's beta status has led to speculation over the software's compatibility with the original YouTube app. However, our research shows that removing the official YouTube app is not required in order to install ReVanced.

For Every Device: Equally Rooted and Unrooted

Compatible Defination

No matter what kind of gadget you use, YouTube ReVanced can support anything. By adhering to clear directions, users may install the programme without any issues. Many Android users choose not to create their own customised ReVanced APK since the official app was unavailable. This difference in opinions was expected given that the extraction of data and creation of customised software could not suit everyone's tastes, particularly those used to speedy APK downloads and installs. The idea that these procedures were only appropriate for rooted devices is untrue in the case of YouTube ReVanced.

A User's Defence Against Ad Blocking Enhanced Content Engagement

ReVanced has a strong ad-blocking functionality that makes it stand out from the competition. This improvement gives users the ability to disable platform-wide general and video advertising, enabling continuous content viewing. Although video advertising are necessary to support content producers, their intrusion may ruin the watching experience. Imagine watching a video that you really need the information from only to be confronted by unrelated adverts. ReVanced addresses this issue by including ad-blocking capabilities, providing uninterrupted streaming.

Activating Multitasking's Game-Changing Background Playback

ReVanced's capability to play movies in the background is a useful feature. Due to this, switching between YouTube and other programmes is no longer necessary while using split screens. Users who are multitasking while interacting with others or surfing the web may view a floating minimised screen. Additionally, users have the option to watch the video while using multiple Android programmes while listening to the audio version. The floating screen's adaptability to any location on the Android interface improves user ease.

Maintaining the Legacy

A Better Streaming Future

In essence, YouTube Vanced's spirit is carried on by substitutes like YouTube ReVanced APK. These options signify a dedication to improving user experiences, ushering in a day where engaging with information and streaming video are simple and seamless.

Mod Features

  • Bug Fixes
  • Remove version numbers from individual patches
  • YouTube - Spoof app version: Fix grammar in description
  • YouTube - Spoof App Version: Remove 17.30.35 target (version no longer works correctly)
  • YouTube - Theme: only set splash screen color if background colors are set
  • Sync for Reddit - Change OAuth client id: Disable piracy detection
  • Use clearer descriptions
  • Joey for Reddit: Add Change OAuth client id patch
  • Sync for Reddit: add Disable Sync for Lemmy bottom sheet patch
  • YouTube - Hide layout components: Hide chips shelf
  • YouTube: add Player Flyout Menu patch
  • Joey for Reddit: Add Disable ads patch
  • Reddit is Fun - Spoof client: Spoof the user agent
How to Install:
  1. First Install Vanced MicroG.
  2. Then Install YouTube ReVanced.
  3. Open YouTube ReVanced.
  4. Log In To Your Account.

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