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Project Island 1.1.15 MOD APK (Menu/Speed/Fly/Wall)

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Evil Nun Project Island Project Island


A canvas that was previously dominated by enormous continents is undergoing an irrevocable shift in a world torn apart by the unstoppable forces of nature's fury. As the polar ice caps melt and the inexorable invasion of the merciless ocean harmonise their discordant sounds, Project Island emerges as a booming appeal for the future. A new age—the period of the Islands World—begins when continents give way to the unrelenting waters.

Stranded in the Unknown: A Survival Fight

Imagine yourself drifting aimlessly on an improvised life raft, at the whim of erratic ocean currents, until fate directs your course. Your adventure comes to an end on the beaches of an island that has been abandoned by both time and society but is yet ripe with the possibility of survival. As you examine the bleak scenery while feeling the gnawing hunger in your stomach, a natural will to survive takes over. 

Providing for Survival: The Harvest Dance

You discover the wonders of nature in the woods by gathering berries that call to your starving senses with a siren's voice. As food begins to circulate once again via your veins, your belly's complaint is muffled. But this is only the first movement, the prelude to a survival symphony. A crafting symphony culminates in the creation of the most basic of companions—the stone axe—as branches and pebbles are transformed into ingenious tools. When you come face to face with a boar, its tusks tell of tenacity as the dance of life and death plays out. The flesh of the defeated becomes your food during a battle, ensuring your life for the next two days.

Nighttime Desperation: Making Dreams from the Night's Arms

The island is enveloped in twilight as the sun sets behind the horizon. In the middle of the panic, your goal becomes clear. Earlier than your resolve, ancient trees will fall. You slice planks, and with shaky hands, you build a shelter to stave off the approaching night and the hidden dread it harbours. The struggle against obscurity and alone begins, as the chorus of survival reverberates across the obsidian chasm.

Dawn's Revelations: Exposing the Secrets of the Island

You emerge from your temporary haven as dawn begins to caress the landscape. The island spreads out in front of you, a tapestry of opportunity and a blank canvas for your imagination. Your hands clutch at the strands of life, gathering the little but valuable materials that make up survival. 

Echos of Humanity: The Moral Conundrum in an Unknown World

A moral quandary emerges during this lonesome journey. Will you uphold peace in the face of solitude, or will the wounds of survival spawn a new ethos? In the furnace of life, humanity's duality is heightened and its essence is purified. These seas may be travelled by more individuals who are yet unidentified. Will you see them as fellow travellers and form bonds of friendship among the waves, or will desperation paint the scene with the colours of betrayal?

The curtain opens up on an unexplored world in Project: Island, where existence goes beyond ordinary sustenance. An adventure depicted by fundamental conflicts, where nature and nurture collide to create a symphony of reborn life. You are the composer and conductor of this epic opera of survival as the tides of destiny continue to churn; a symphony that unfolds with every decision, every triumph, and every pulse among the island's mysterious embrace.

Mod Features:

  • Mod menu
  • FLY