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PK XD Runner MOD APK 0.3.3 (Menu/GodMod)

Experience Ultimate Fun with PK XD Runner MOD APK Race, Jump, Win Unleash Your Inner Champion. Get the MOD Now.


Evil Nun pk xd runnerG god mod MOD pk xd runner Jump MOD


Prepare to be transported into a world that is teetering between chaos and salvation as we present you to the adrenaline-pumping epic that is PK XD Runner ! Get ready for an exciting journey into a world where the very nature of the PK XD Universe is in jeopardy due to the destructive force known as Glitch. The chaotic state of this once-harmonious universe is the result of this wicked entity's relentless appetite for destruction. Admin, the personification of stability and order, is the object of its vengeful gaze right now.

A Symphony of Redemption and Speed

Imagine the urgent cry to action reverberating across the digital passageways of this singular world! You have been given an important mission: run with unrelenting speed to rescue Admin from Glitch's mysterious grip. Admin's life is on the line. You advance through the tumultuous confusion that threatens to devour everything, becoming the beacon of salvation with each stride.

Taking on Mysterious Challenges

As the race progresses, obstacles work together to obstruct your advancement. Navigate a maze of challenges that act as powerful opponents and dare you to err. Overcome perilous chasms, escape Glitch's phantom grasps, and solve the riddle that ties Admin's destiny to the bottomless abyss.

Repairing the shattered universe

Accept your position as an agent of change, a guiding light among the closing darkness. Along with the rhythm of flight, your steps also carry the melody of rebuilding. As you escape Glitch's grasp, you play part in the expansive reconstruction of the PK XD Universe. Your actions give it the vitality and brightness it previously knew.

Mod Features:

  • Mod menu
  • Godmode
  • Super Jump
  • Lots Speed