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Bloody Bastards 4.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Unleash Mayhem with Bloody Bastards MOD APK Fight, Conquer, Rise to Power. Get the MOD for Ultimate Action.


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Get ready to dive headlong into a mediaeval chaos storm known as Bloody Bastards. This is not your typical game; it is an epic symphony of physics and savagery, a world where you engage in a power struggle with your very own relatives that lasts through the millennia.

Use confusion and embrace destruction

Imagine yourself as a relentless warrior, armed with a diverse arsenal of weapons infused with chaos, including swords that sing songs of vengeance, maces that crush bones like fallen leaves, and hammers that forge futures in the arena's fiery forge. Daggers that shine like starlight. Axes that thirst for the clash of steel. Yes, dear challenger, you will unleash destruction on your opponents in the holy arena of champions, destroying their hopes as you use your armament with hurricane-like ferocity.

Pixel Art, Physics, and Ragdoll Enchantment in a Kaleidoscope

Your senses will be delighted when you enter the battlefield and watch as pixel art is created right before your eyes. The threads of 2D physics and the whimsical nature of ragdoll mechanics are weaved together to create a vibrant tapestry. In this area, the rules of the ordinary universe vanish and are replaced by a gladiatorial-specific dance of chaos. Tap and hold, summoning control over each hand with the dexterity of a master puppeteer, and with the elegance of a double tap, navigate the turbulent landscape of the arena. Your actions serve as the brushstrokes on the canvas of this magnificent display, and your hands are the instruments of fate.

Create Your Own Fatal Path

A seemingly limitless selection of options beckons from among the enormous vaults of weapons and shields. Create, my warrior, deadly symphonies of devastation by combining a variety of weapons with an eclectic collection of shields, body armour that reverberates with eerie whispers, leg gear that gives you the confidence of a giant, and headgear that elevates you to the rank of ruler of chaos. Your works of art will endure through the years as a monument to your might and become into legends.

A Single Victor in the Face of Chaos

A single winner will emerge from this unrelenting arena of defiance drenched in the crimson glory of victory, so show your mettle in it. Your direction will be provided by the chaotic tempo of fighting, which resonates throughout your whole being. It's a test of survival and a baptism by fire, so keep in mind these words as you approach the finish line: "There can be only one!"

Characteristics of the Coliseum

  • Immerse yourself in a flurry of 2D battle that is fast-paced and physics-based, where every swing may change the course of events.
  • Explore a vast labyrinth of many levels, each engraved with its own intriguing mythology and dispersed throughout a variety of settings that resound with stories of bravery and betrayal.
  • Set off on a journey through a treasure trove of weapons, containing hundreds of items that may be used to extend your skill.
  • Face a variety of opponents, each of whom presents a unique challenge that will test the boundaries of your fighting skill and guarantee that no two bouts will ever be the same.
  • Explore the depths of madness with multiplayer, where the clash of warriors shatters the bounds of reality and reverberates across the virtual world like thunder.

Finally, the Battlefield Calls

Bring to mind the champions who have come before you, and let their echoes inspire you to be even more determined. The challenge has been hurled, and the arena yawns openly in search of heroes. Prepare yourselves, brave warrior, because fate awaits your savior's hand within "Bloody Bastards." These are the refrains that will inscribe your name in the annals of history: the crash of steel, the yell of triumph, the symphony of violence.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping