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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars MOD APK 3.3.0 (Menu/All Unlocked)

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Enter the captivating world of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, where Rita Repulsa's evil schemes have corrupted the Morphin Grid, resulting in the creation of virtual monsters and Ranger clones that are programmed to carry out her orders. It's up to you to put together your squad of illustrious Power Rangers and antiheroes throughout the cosmos in order to fight back and rescue the Morphin Grid. In this breathtaking 3D combat game, take part in real-time online PvP action, gather new Rangers, and unleash epic fights.

Release Players for Real-Time PvP Action Battles

As you engage in combat with actual gamers from across the globe, get ready for heated confrontations. Play multiplayer PvP in real-time and show off your strategic skills. To beat rivals and go up the scoreboard, dodge, battle, and plan. Unlock new venues that are modelled by well-known Power Rangers universe places including the Dino Lab, the Terror Spacecraft, and Lord Zedd's Throne Room.

Graphics of a console calibre

With spectacular console-quality visuals, you can experience the Power Rangers like never before. With stunning graphics and animations that bring the characters and locations to life, see your favourite Rangers perform their signature routines in full-blown 3D.

Create Your Power Rangers Team!

Unlock Iconic and New Power Rangers

Find a variety of strong Rangers from the universe. Unlock over 80 warriors, including characters from the newest Power Rangers film and time-honored fan favourites. Create your ideal squad of individuals with a range of talents and capabilities to combat Rita Repulsa and her virtual army.

fight with Megazords

Utilise the Megazords' might in grand fights. Choose from a variety of enormous Megazords, like as the formidable Dino Megazord, terrifying Mega Goldar, potent Predazord, and impressive Thunder Megazord. Equip over 12 Mega Abilities on your Megazord to customise it and dominate your opponents.

Be a part of the Megazord Alliance Wars

Enter the exciting Megazord Alliance Wars with your Megazords. Take part in conflicts with other Alliances to demonstrate your strength and tactical prowess while guiding your Alliance to victory. In this exhilarating multiplayer mode, cooperation and teamwork are paramount.

Is Power Rangers: Legacy Wars a free game?

Yes, the game is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Can I collect and upgrade my favorite Power Rangers characters in the game?

Yes, the game features a character collection system that allows players to collect and upgrade their favorite characters.

Can I battle against other players online in real-time?

Yes, the game's multiplayer mode allows players to battle against each other online in real-time.

Menu Mod Features

  1. Unlimited Ammo
  2. No Reload
  3. XP Boost Multiplier
  4. Defense Multiplier
  5. Unlimited Skills