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Diamante Pipas MOD APK 7.35 (All Unlocked)

Diamante Pipas is an exciting mobile game that offers a thrilling experience to the players. Read on to know more about the game, its features,


Enter the intriguing offline and online multiplayer world of CS Diamantes Pipas to experience the excitement of kite flying. Reaching the top level will uncover strong lines, novel kites, and special models. The goal is simple yet fascinating. Players of all ages are guaranteed a fun gaming experience with CS Diamantes Pipas thanks to its daily tournaments, extensive selection of kites, Diamond store, and other features.

Features from A World of Fun

  1. Regular competitions: Get ready for a heart-pounding battle! Players may compete for top prizes in daily tournaments held by CS Diamantes Pipas where they can show off their kite-flying prowess. Can you accept the challenge and triumph?
  2. A Variety of Kites for All Level: You'll come across a variety of kites as you advance through the game's 56 stages. You get access to new, powerful kites at each level, giving you a variety of choices to select from while fighting enemies.
  3.  Diamond Store with Rotation Each Week: There are many opportunities at the diamond store. You may discover interesting deals on kites, lines, and premium models with a weekly rotation. Keep checking back to get the greatest prices!
  4. Fourth-Line Exchange Market: Diamonds serve as the medium of exchange for trade lines in CS Diamantes Pipas. Participate in the line exchange market to buy desired lines or swap your own. Make the best deals with other players to expand your kite-flying equipment.
  5. VIP Forever: Become a VIP to get a variety of advantages! The benefits include the elimination of advertisements, access to premium lines, improved experience gains, and gold bonuses. Additionally, use the RCON tool to administer online rooms and enjoy the benefits of the VIP section.
  6. Single-Player AI Mode: CS Diamantes Pipas is a singleplayer option with AI opponents who adjust to your skill level for those looking for a lone adventure. Before taking on human opponents, test your abilities and refine your kite-flying skills.
  7. A social gaming platform online: Utilise the online method to communicate with friends or meet new people. Invite your friends to join the fun by naming your rooms in ways that are distinctive. Participate in competitions, work together, and enjoy kite flying together.
  8. Active Updates: The creators of CS Diamantes Pipas are committed to giving players an excellent gameplay experience. You can anticipate new material, intriguing features, and ongoing improvements thanks to frequent updates that keep the game lively and interesting.

Is Diamante Pipas free to play?

Yes, the game is free to download and play, although it does offer in-app purchases for additional content.

Can I play Diamante Pipas on my iPhone?

No, the game is currently only available on Android devices.

How do I control my Pipa in the game?

To control your pip, swipe your finger on the screen to move it in different directions. You can also perform tricks by tapping on the screen or using a combination of swipes and taps.

Menu Mod Features

  1. Unlimited Ammo
  2. No Reload
  3. XP Boost Multiplier
  4. Defense Multiplier
  5. Unlimited Skills