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Skullgirls: Fighting APK 6.0.0 (MOD,7+ Features)

Unleash Your Inner Fighter Skullgirls: Fighting MOD APK - Dominate the Arena Today Download Now.


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Welcome to the exciting 2D Fighting RPG world of Skullgirls, which offers a multitude of distinctive and colourful characters for you to gather, enhance, and customise. Engage in the riddle that is the hunt for the mysterious SKULLGIRL, and prepare to be astounded by gorgeous 2D animation frames that create one of the most visually arresting gaming experiences on mobile.

A Visual Feast for the Eyes with Stunning 2D Animation

Get ready to be mesmerised by the tens of thousands of painstakingly crafted 2D animation frames that bring Skullgirls to life with unmatched beauty. You will be captivated by the game's intriguing and immersive gameplay experience thanks to its beautiful aesthetics.

Custom Controls & Tactical Options in a Fighting Game for Everyone

In Skullgirls, you can easily perform a broad variety of amazing attacks and combinations with just a single touch or swipe thanks to controls designed exclusively for mobile devices. This game is suitable for players of all skill levels, regardless of how experienced they are with fighting games.

New to fighting video games? Put Fight Assist to use and focus just on 

you into the exciting world of Skullgirls with wise choices.

experienced fighter in video games? Explore a world of clever tactical moves, one-of-a-kind combinations, juggling tricks, and more! Take on the challenge of learning the game's nuances and developing into a great combatant.

A fighting game that is accessible to all players and pleasant to everyone is at last available.

Assemble, Level Up, and Evolve: Full RPG Progression Your Warriors

With Skullgirls' intricate growth system, RPG fans will be right at home. To fit your desired playstyle, assemble a large number of distinctive characters, each with their own modification possibilities. To realise their full potential and unleash their tremendous might, your warriors must grow and level up.

Obtain Special Moves and Blockbusters that may be enhanced and equipped before to every match so you can create the ideal loadout and adjust your tactics to suit each opponent. Form teams of up to three combatants, carefully choosing the combinations that will maximise their synergies and tactical benefits.

Diverse Cast of Characters: Dive Into the Skullgirls Universe

Immerse yourself in a broad cast of characters that keeps growing, each with their own unique personality and combat style. As you travel through the SKULLGIRL's history, you will come across a variety of fascinating personalities.

Enter the stunning world of Skullgirls, where the beauty of hand-drawn animation combines with the excitement of RPG growth. Develop a wide cast of characters, enhance their skills, and learn the SKULLGIRL's secrets. combat game enthusiasts and newbies will both find this game to be a great treat since it offers a combat experience geared to all skill levels. Are you prepared to battle in the ring and display your prowess and foresight? Battle is coming soon!

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • High Damage
  • More.....