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Knives Out MOD APK 1.317.530248 (Menu/Wall hack/Aim/Esp)

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With the thrilling and immersive smartphone game Knives Out, you can experience the pulse-pounding action of a battle royale right at your fingertips. The game, created by NetEase Games, is a unique and intense gaming experience that draws influence from the well-known "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (PUBG) genre. Knives Out has captured the attention of millions of gamers worldwide with its challenging gameplay, amazing graphics, and dynamic features.

play and game modes

Skydiving into a Vast Island: At the beginning of the game, players parachute onto a huge, varied island with nothing but their wits to rely on.

Looting and Scavenging: Players must carefully choose their landing areas in order to acquire supplies, tools, and other items that will help them in the next conflict.

A lethal force field progressively engulfs the map as the game goes on, requiring players to engage in spectacular showdowns as the play area shrinks.

In the traditional mode, which emphasises cooperation and collaboration, players may compete alone, in pairs with a partner, or in squads of up to four people.

Realism and graphics

Realistic and immersive visuals, finely crafted locations, and careful attention to detail in the game's equipment and weapons are all strengths of Knives Out.

Lifelike Moments: The visual quality increases the gameplay's overall impact by giving each scene a realistic, gripping sense.

Equipment and Weapons

Players may find and use a wide variety of weapons, armour, and equipment in Diverse Arsenal: Knives Out.

Weapons mastery is crucial for survival since each weapon has a particular set of advantages and disadvantages.

Integrity and good sportsmanship

Strictly Prohibited: To ensure a level playing field, Knives Out rigorously monitors and penalises any efforts to acquire an unfair edge.

Fair Play Commitment: The dedication to fair play develops a supportive and competitive community among players.

Updates & Events Frequently

New Content: To keep the game interesting and captivating, the creators routinely add new maps, gaming modes, and cosmetic items.

Versatility: Alternative game modes provide gamers a more varied gameplay experience, such 50v50 and Sniper Battle.

Mod Features
  • Unlimited Money
  • Wall Hack
  • Auto Aim Lock
  • Character Unlocked