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Embark on an Epic Journey with FINAL FANTASY BRAVE MOD APK Unleash legendary heroes, conquer foes, and save the realm. Download now


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We cordially invite you to enter the enthralling world of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, where a brand-new story involving crystals and legendary warriors is about to begin. This timeless but cutting-edge role-playing game was created by SQUARE ENIX with the intention of enthralling a global audience. On your smartphone, take part in a fantasy trip that adheres to the cherished FINAL FANTASY aesthetic.

Take an Epic Journey with a Wide Range of Characters

Prepare for an epic trip with a wide cast of characters, some of whom you may recognise from previous FINAL FANTASY games. On your phone, this game provides a detailed narrative that will keep you interested and delighted. As you travel through the realm of Lapis, the compelling tale will engross you in a world of enchantment, thrill, and fellowship.

Simple battle system with strategy is a key feature.

The fighting system in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is straightforward yet entertaining. Enjoy simple and engaging fights by tapping on the screen to attack. But don't let the seeming simplicity fool you! To outsmart your opponents and prevail, you'll need to use magic talents and tactical strategies. High-quality CG animations of your favourite FINAL FANTASY summons are also used in the fights to further increase the thrill of each encounter.

Search and Investigate: Find Hidden Treasures

Explore fields and dungeons to find hidden treasures, undiscovered pathways, and fresh ways to reach your destinations. There are many secrets in the Lapis world that need to be solved. Interact with people in towns to acquire missions, which you may then perform to gain money, rare treasures, and expensive goods. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the ideal adventure for travelling since it incorporates all the traditional RPG aspects in a handy and portable format.

Testing Your Skills Against Others in Arena PvP Battles

Battle other players in exhilarating Player vs Player matches. Create your favourite cast of characters, take on other players, and climb the leaderboards to collect amazing prizes. As you work to establish yourself as a strong force in the PvP battlefield, demonstrate your strategic acumen and the strength of your Visions.

The Legend of Heroes and Crystals

The ambitions and dreams of legendary warriors manifest as Visions in the realm of lapis. The world is decorated with crystals that contain latent Visions, endowing humanity with amazing power and fostering the development of thriving countries. The planet is on the verge of extinction, yet this period of tranquilly will pass quickly.

Two young knights use the power of visions to summon help in the face of this oncoming disaster and set out on a valiant quest to fight the invading shadows. In this enthralling journey, a new chapter of fate is written as the story of crystals and heroes comes to life.

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