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Eros Fantasy MOD APK 1.14.24 (Menu/God Mode, Damage)


As you enter the captivating realm of Eros Fantasy, a mythical world where seductive maidens from many races await your company, be ready to be enchanted and captured. Get ready for a thrilling journey full of difficulties where your tactical skills will be put to the test and moulded by the qualities and unique characteristics of your endearing friends. Embrace the thrill of the gacha system by calling additional characters to bolster your team and provide a surprise aspect to your trip.

As you begin your trip in Eros Fantasy, you'll discover that there are many different races in the realm, each with their own distinctive traits. The women you come across while exploring will each emanate a certain charm that will leave an everlasting effect on your heart. These attractive heroines will be your steadfast companions in overcoming the obstacles that haunt this wondrous realm and clearing your path of any nefarious enemies who stand in your way. They will be standing by your side as brave warriors. And do not worry; the gameplay will be at your simple reach and entice you to explore its captivating depths more.

The heart of Eros Fantasy rests in its turn-based combat, where your squad will be made up of five unique players carefully placed in three different lines. Your astute judgement will be put to the test as you carefully choose the best position for each character, maximising their advantages and taking use of the special qualities of their stats. You will get important insights to help you with your decision-making by uncovering the specifics of each character. Immerse yourself in the splendour of these robotic combat, where the success of your squad will depend entirely on its mettle and strength.

Go out, brave explorer, and enjoy the company of the many beautiful women that adorn the fantastical realm of Eros Fantasy. Accept the turn-based difficulties that lie ahead; your ability to think strategically will lead the route to victory and glory. Using the mysterious gacha method, summon additional characters to unleash the full power of your team. The trip ahead offers unmatched thrill and limitless opportunities, where the imaginations of this world will converge with your own ones to create a timeless narrative. Are you ready to write your tale into Eros Fantasy's history? The way to your destiny calls!

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • One Hit Kill
  • Def x10
  • DMG x10
  • Cheat Mod
  • Unlimited Money