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Dino Bash Dinosaur Battle MOD APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited Money)

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A violent conflict occurs at the prehistoric world's basic core. Dinosaurs and their priceless eggs are surrounded by hungry cavemen who are craving a taste of the prehistoric era. You control these gorgeous animals' destiny in this action-packed epic of a game. Get ready to go on a fantastic adventure and participate in the Jurassic conflict!

Primitive Humans vs. Magnificent Dinosaurs: The Battle Begins

Imagine yourself taking the lead in a titanic tug-of-war conflict. the opponents? Undeveloped people with a voracious taste for dinosaur eggs. Your objective? In order to prevent extinction, it is necessary to build strong ground defenses, launch powerful aerial strikes, and call upon the legendary giants themselves.

A Dinosaur Battle for the Ages

Call out an impressive army, a full menagerie of ancient titans, including the powerful T-Rex, hardy Triceratops, astute Raptors, and more. Your final line of defense against those ravenous cavemen is them.

Creative Solutions to Protect Your Dino Egg

Bring out the powers of nature as you use your strategic acumen to repel the persistent invaders. Volcano bombs fall from the sky, ice rocks cause destruction, hidden traps activate, and severe blizzards descend upon the defenseless adversaries. Their senses are confused by clever decoy eggs as you aim and hit with precise accuracy!

Increase Your Domination! Enjoy the victory!

Strengthen the dinosaur guards. Increase the legendary status of your armament. Build up your fortifications until they can withstand the attack of merciless cavemen. You will take pleasure in your complete domination as their assaults vary from absurd to frightful.

Prehistory Revisited in a Radical Way

As you immerse yourself in a collection of 100 painstakingly hand-drawn levels, you can rewrite history itself. Each level depicts a fierce primitive tug-of-war defense in which the survival of dinosaurs is at stake. Witness the transformation of cavemen into pieces of art, like you've never seen them before.

Free Exploration with a Sprinkling of Prudent Caution

Although Dino Bash welcomes you to go on this paleontological adventure without charge, be aware that a little price could be necessary to access certain in-game items. By changing the settings on your smartphone, you have the ability to turn off this function. Furthermore, it must be made clear that the game's depiction of events does not represent historical reality. Any similarity between dinosaurs in the game, whether they are alive or extinct, and those in real life is totally coincidental.

Mod Features:

  • No ads 
  • Speed Mod
  • Unlimited Money