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Age Of Magic Menu Mod APK 2.14.4 (One Hit Kill)

Enter the Age of Magic with MOD APK Unleash Spells, Defeat Enemies. Embark on an Epic Fantasy Journey


Players are invited to set off on an incredible adventure in a world where good and evil are forever at odds in Age of Magic. In this exhilarating PvP/PvE strategic RPG, you may assume the role of a celestial crusader knight or a formidable demon from the armies of darkness and control the forces of might and magic. Build a powerful team of heroes, each with their own specialties, and participate in turn-based battle where cunning and strategy are key. As you engage in epic campaigns and work to bring order back to a world that has fallen into chaos, choose your path wisely.

A Collection of Heroes

The game has a wide variety of characters, from valiant soldiers to expert wizards, lovely elves, and powerful warlords. It's your job to put together a group of exceptional heroes who will each provide something special to the cause. Combat is turn-based, testing your tactical knowledge and decision-making skills. Your decisions will determine whether you support the forces of light or embrace the darkness.

Engaging Campaigns

Age of Magic offers players completely unique magic missions where the whole campaign is played out in front of you. Bring together a godly and powerful group of heroes to battle wicked demons on behalf of a whole kingdom. Gather your might and bring about the accounting for the perpetual growth of evil. The campaign's chilly, gloomy route leads to exile. Create a legion of demons, evil souls, and revered hero hunters, and unleash an aeon of conflict. Put yourself in the Beast's shoes and leave a lasting impact. Only your strategic genius can lead you to victory as darkness falls.

PvP Competitions and Arenas

Join up with other brave dungeon crawlers online to win epic team games and vanquish powerful foes. Participate in PvP competitions and arenas to show off your fighting skills and tactical knowledge. As you advance in the ranks, you may demonstrate your strength by leading your team to victory. Battle other players in exhilarating bouts to show off your prowess and tenacity in this dynamic universe.

Dangerous Obstacles

Test your mettle in the unforgiving dungeon crawl Tomb of Horrors, where you are forbidden the luxury of recuperating in between battles. Survive the difficult residents of the Cradle of Chaos, a changing battlefield that has an odd effect on heroes. In these dangerous terrains, your strategic thinking and agility will be pushed to the ultimate test.

Age of magic features

Age of Magic has a remarkable selection of features to keep players interested and captivated:

  • PvE narrative missions using many viewpoints.
  • arenas, PvP competitions, and more.
  • Make friends, join guilds and clans, and take part in profitable raids.
  • Use combat magic, battle dragons, and deal with demons, angels, shadows, and legends.
  • Take part in unique fantasy events with fantastic prizes.
  • Take part in tactical conflicts that are quick-paced and where every action matters.
  • Gather distinctive heroes, give them experience points, and give them a variety of gear.

Activate Your Full Potential

Create a group of heroes, give them strong gear, and level them up to let them shine in combat. Create a strong clan, take part in raids, and guide your strike force to success. The game offers a rich and immersive gaming experience because to its fast-paced and strategic warfare as well as its variety of heroes, demons, legends, and arcane magic.

Is "Age of Magic" accessible across several platforms?

A: "Age of Magic" may be played on both Android and iOS smartphones, giving players the option to play the game on their favourite device.

Can "Age of Magic" be played offline?

A: Sadly, "Age of Magic"'s" numerous game types and online features can only be accessed with an internet connection.

"Age of Magic" has in-app purchases.

A: To improve the gameplay experience, "Age of Magic" provides in-app purchases for a variety of in-game resources and commodities.

Mod Features:

  • Menu Mod
  • DMG Multiple
  • Character Unlocked
  • Increas Power
  • No ads 
  • GodMode

Age Of Magic Menu Mod Preview