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Kingdom Rush- Tower Defense TD MOD APK 5.8.02 (Menu/Everything Unlock)

Defend your realm with power Get the Kingdom Rush Tower Defense TD MOD APK now for epic battles. Download and conquer.


Kingdom Rush- Tower Defense TD Kingdom Rush- Tower Defense TD Kingdom Rush- Tower Defense TD


Millions of gamers all across the globe have fallen in love with Kingdom Rush, a tower defence game that has won several awards. This timeless TD game was skillfully and imaginatively created, and it will transport you into an epic journey as you fight to protect the kingdom from the forces of evil. Kingdom Rush has gained popularity among players and reviewers alike because to its strategic difficulties and fascinating gameplay.

Embark on combat Kingdom Rush- Tower Defense TD

In Kingdom Rush, you play a commander tasked with defending the kingdom against legions of adversaries. Utilise a sizable collection of epic towers and potent spells to put up a strong defence. Your actions will determine the destiny of the realm, so utilise your tactical prowess to thwart the evil forces' advance.

Creating Your Own Defence

The game's many environments, including woods, mountains, and wastelands, give you the chance to adapt your defence approach to each particular situation. Try out various tower specialisations and kinds to find the right balance for your defences. Battle epic battles, pelting your foes with fire, calling on reinforcements, and leading your soldiers to victory.

Superhuman Heroes at Your Command

Lead a band of powerful heroes that will help you in your journey since they each have special skills and advantages. These gallant warriors will fight at your side, leading your men into the thick of the action and confronting the hordes of the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

Defeating renowned monsters

Set off on a thrilling journey where you'll run across mythical creatures and menacing adversaries. As you work to free the Kingdom from the grip of the evil, your courage will be put to the test. Accept the challenge and advance bravely to demonstrate your mettle.

Tower Varieties and Improvements

There are several towers available in Kingdom Rush, each with a unique design and set of features. Planning your defence against waves of adversaries will put your strategic acumen to the test. Utilising the 18 different powers at your disposal, upgrade your towers strategically to increase the might of your army.

Grab the Kingdom

You must command your army to victory with 12 strong warriors by your side. Create a successful plan and make sure your men are ready for the next fights. Fight a variety of enemies, from crafty Goblins to ruthless Demons, each of whom will put your tactical prowess to the utmost test.

The Path to Victory

Explore more than 60 milestones as you go along, finding easter eggs and tackling difficult challenges. Test the boundaries of your TD ideas in the additional game modes, where your strategic thinking will be put to the test. As you face the Kingdom's biggest enemies, be ready for tough boss battles and use the in-game encyclopaedia to tactically plan your actions.

Fun forever, everywhere

Kingdom Rush is designed to provide hours of fun. No matter whether you're online or not, the thrill never ends. Enjoy this tower defence masterpiece whenever, whenever, even while you're travelling.

Critical Praise

Kingdom Rush has received a tonne of accolades from the gaming world and has a stellar Metacritic rating of 89. It received an exceptional 9/10 Editor's Choice rating from IGN, which described it as "funny, polished, and hard as balls." With a perfect 4 out of 4 rating, believes it to be a must-have game. It is hailed as one of the most captivating TD games ever played by, while PocketGamer awarded it a Gold Award with a score of 9.

Mod Features

  • No ads 
  • Speed Mod
  • Multiple Defence
  • Unlimited Money

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