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DEAD TARGET Zombie Mod APK 4.120.1 (Menu/GodMode)


DEAD TARGET: Offline Games Mod APK DEAD TARGET: Offline Games menu hack DEAD TARGET: Offline Games menu mod APK


 Welcome to Dead Target, the ultimate offline shooting game that transports you to a zombie apocalypse and sends you on an action-packed, addicting journey. This free sniper game has over 125 million users and provides an exciting and realistic first-person shooter experience. In this action-packed survival combat, keep your defence up, keep your finger on the trigger, and get ready to defeat terrible zombies.

What Makes Dead Target FPS Themes So Engaging?

Dead Target is a compelling first-person shooter (FPS) experience that will captivate you for hours. It is a favourite among fans of shooting games because of the simple control scheme that guarantees a superb shooting time-killing fun.

Survival in a Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has started in the year 2040, and your goal is to make it through this terrifying situation unscathed. Join a sniper squad that has been paid to go into battle, gather weapons, and protect residential areas from the zombie threat. Your ability to shoot and think strategically will determine whether you live or die.

Different 3D FPS Weapons

Use renowned 3D FPS weaponry to defend yourself against the constant zombie invasions. Upgrading your weapons and snipers will help you combat the terrible undead' endless waves. As you fight the zombies, enjoy the rush of 3D shooting with a precise FPS engine.

Variety of Zombie Types

Dead Target's zombies are developed with a variety of lethal powers, making them tough opponents. There are many different kinds of zombies in the game, so you shouldn't underestimate these animals.

Battle Pass and Special Weapons

To gain unique goods and exotic weapons that aren't available in the game's default mode, take part in the Battle Pass. In the ultimate shooting game, you may unlock new and distinctive weapons that only emerge once for survivors, improving your killing prowess.

Play that is addictive and an awards system

Simple but engrossing gameplay lets you concentrate on taking off zombies thanks to an auto-fire mechanism. In the offline game, completing tasks, levelling up, and unlocking amazing shooting gun weaponry will help you become a legendary sniper. For higher prizes on your quest to survive the zombie apocalypse, complete strange accomplishments.

Offline Sniper Games With Realistic Graphics

Without an online connection, take in the vivid 3D visuals and feel the zombie invasion. The game provides a variety of sound effects from powerful shooting weapons, further improving the gameplay's realism.

Competition on the Leaderboard

Put your killing score on the leaderboard to demonstrate your prowess. Shoot the most zombies in this offline shooting game to establish yourself as a renowned survivor by striving to become the finest killer.


A exciting and action-packed zombie shooting experience, Dead Target: Offline Games puts the excitement of the zombie apocalypse at your fingertips. Dead Target delivers an immersive and engrossing gaming experience with a large variety of weaponry, distinctive characters, and hard gameplay. In this free sniper game, you may survive the zombie conflict, create a new universe, and show off your shooting ability.

Face the ultimate challenge of surviving the zombie apocalypse by downloading Dead Target right now. In this spectacular shooting adventure, get your finest sniper and kill the nasty undead with lightning-fast reflexes. Are you prepared to lead the fight against the wandering dead to victory? It is up to you to decide the future of mankind.

Q1: What is Dead Target?

A1: Dead Target is an addictive offline shooting game with FPS themes, where players join a sniper team to fight against evil zombies in a zombie apocalypse scenario.

Q2: Is Dead Target an offline game?

A2: Yes, Dead Target is an offline game, meaning you can play it without an internet connection, making it convenient for on-the-go zombie shooting action.

Q3: How many zombie shooters can join Dead Target?

A3: Up to 125 million zombie shooters can join Dead Target in thrilling offline sniper games.

Mod Features:

  • God Mode
  • Enable Esp
  • Full ESP
  • Crosshair Zize
  • Crosshair V2
  • Remove Ads
  • 30+ Features

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