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Blob Runner 3D Mod APK 6.3.0 (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

Dive into Adventure with Blob Runner 3D Mod APK Conquer challenging obstacles. Download now for a dynamic 3D thrill.


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With Blob Runner 3D, be ready for a thrilling and fun race unlike any other As you go off on a thrilling voyage through challenges, jellies, and surprises, meet Blob, your new favourite runner. To become the Giant Blob, you must keep a watch on the obstacles, blow them away, and gather jelly. Be cautious of harmful barriers, and even if you lose an arm or a leg, the helpful jellies will assist you in starting again to reconstruct your blob. Prepare for a challenge that will put your abilities to the test while rewarding you with unique surprises.

Play and Goals in the Game

Blob Runner 3D's gameplay is simple yet addicting. Navigate through numerous challenges, destroy them, and gather jellies to expand your blob. You'll get extra prizes as your blob becomes larger. You'll become stronger and acquire super jelly abilities as your blob expands, allowing you to access the exclusive rewards that are waiting for you on the roof.

The Strong Blob

There's no need to be concerned about losing body parts while encountering obstacles in Blob Runner 3D. The helpful jellies will be on the run for you if you run into a hazardous obstacle and lose an arm or a leg, tirelessly gathering jelly particles to reconstruct your blob from scratch. There is no need to worry, so relax! Your blob will recover stronger than ever if you concentrate on getting through the obstacles.

Amazing Customizations

Give your Blob a stylish makeover to show off your own sense of style! You may customise your blob runner to stand out from the crowd with a range of rad helmets and skins that match. Make your Blob as colourful and fashionable as you want, and on the thrilling racecourse, celebrate your uniqueness.

Reward Surprises and Special

A lot of fun surprises may be found in Blob Runner 3D. You'll be able to access exclusive gifts waiting for you on the rooftop as your blob grows and becomes stronger and larger. These unexpected events heighten the thrill and inspire you to keep racing and growing your blob to new heights.

Mod Features:
  • No ads 
  • Fly Mod
  • Jump Mod
  • Unlimited Money