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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.31.5 (Menu,Max level)

Unleash All Characters in Shadow Fight 2 Get Conquer Foes with Ultimate Power.


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Get ready for an incredible voyage into the martial arts and fighting world as you enter the thrilling sequel to the well-known Facebook phenomenon, welcomed by a mind-boggling 40 million people.

Shadow Fight 2 expertly combines the worlds of RPG with traditional combat, resulting in an engaging gaming experience that gives you the freedom to equip your character with an array of lethal weapons and valuable armour sets. Explore a world where Martial Arts moves are vividly animated, enabling you to devastate your opponents with skill and power. Seal the terrifying Gate of Shadows to become the harbinger of redemption by standing your own against strong opponents, defeating demonic monsters, and more. Are you willing to take on the challenge and start a trip that will be filled with punches, kicks, leaps, and slashes? Immersing oneself in this captivating world is the only way to properly understand.

Important Features to Expect:

Combat scenes that be realistic: Experience huge battle scenes that are brought to life with breathtaking realism owing to a ground-breaking animation technique that improves each movement, hit, and attack. As you participate in fluid and dynamic combat engagements, feel the excitement of each battle.

Using the flawlessly intuitive combat interface that has been specifically created for touchscreen devices, you may engage in conflicts with an unprecedented level of simplicity. You may easily use your tactics with this interface, further immersing you in the fighting environment.

Join Forces for Boss Battles: Journey into the "Underworld"'s depths, where friendship is encouraged. Team up with pals to defeat threatening bosses who are patiently waiting for a powerful foe. As you plan and conquer obstacles as a team, cooperation becomes essential.

Entertaining Odyssey: Set off on an engrossing journey across six diverse realms, each rife with scary monsters. You are completely immersed in an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed combat role-playing game with a captivating plot of intrigue and suspense in Shadow Fight 2. As you go, learn more about each world's secrets.

Customise and Elevate: Boost your fighter's skill by modifying their equipment. Equip fearsome weapons like epic swords, nunchaku, mysterious armour, and magical skills to make enemies cower in fear. Match your character's abilities to your favourite fighting style.

In Shadow Fight 2, every move is a concerto of power and strategy in a world where battle is an art. As the war drums beat, rise to the moment, fight as you've never fought before, and leave your mark on the history of martial prowess. The voyage has started; give the commands to the shadows.

Overview shadow fight 2 Menu Mod

Mod features 
  • Head Hits
  • Body Hits
  • Disable Enemy
  • Stun Enemy [Player Only]
  • Inf Saw magic [beta]
  • Unlimited Health
  • 2x Speed
  • Thruster Speed Hack
  • Custom Coins
  • Custom Gems
  • Custom Green Enchantment Orb
  • Custom Red Enchantment Orbs
  • Custom Violet Enchantment Orbs
  • Custom Level
  • Custom Energy
  • Unlock All Equipment
  • Unlock Enchantment
  • Unlock Dojo
  • Zero Enemy Health
  • NO ADS

Note:Avoid using the function while the tutorial is running to avoid a BUG that could show partial material. Some mobile devices must provide permission for the game's floating window to enter in order to avoid a crash. The following features are available in the built-in menu.