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PUBG NEW STATE ESP Hack (Anti ban/Aim/Wall/UC)

In PUBG New State, the player will be the last person standing in an environment that is shrinking by the hour.


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The makers of PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS , PUBG Studios, encourage you to take part in the Summer Festival of NEW STATE MOBILE, so get ready for an exhilarating journey. As you engage in tense and dynamic Battle Royale challenges, go into the realm of intricacy.

Delve into the tactical desert terrain of the LAGNA map.

Prepare to demonstrate your tactical mastery as you explore the huge LAGNA terrain. Your ability to strategize and make decisions will be put to the test by this challenging 4x4 desert landscape. Every move matters as you try to gain a tactical edge and outsmart your opponents due to the limited cover and different ridge heights.

Burst of Battle Royale Mayhem in Akinta

Enjoy the 15-minute burst of original Battle Royale mayhem in Akinta, which takes place on a 4x4 battlefield. Engage in action-packed battles among famous locations, where your tactical cunning may tip the balance in your favour. Prepare yourself for thrilling battles and amazing experiences in this action-packed battlefield.

Round Deathmatch in 7 rounds of intense last-circle survival

Prepare for the grand finale in Round Deathmatch mode. Engage in a 4 against. 4 deathmatch series that is best-of-seven and in which the playzone starts to become smaller as soon as the match starts. Only the most intelligent and talented competitors will prevail, taking the title of the last survivor.

Realistic gunplay and customised weapons

NEW STATE MOBILE, which was specifically optimised for the mobile platform, raises the bar for gunplay in terms of realism and dynamism. On your mobile device, experience the true "PUBG gunplay" and customise your weapons with the game's ground-breaking attachment system.

Playing Action-Based Games of the Future

Enter a brand-new age of action-based gaming with special features like dodging, drone calls, and assistance requests. Utilise specialised vehicles that are specific to NEW STATE MOBILE to navigate the 8x8 open environment. Dynamic objectives up the ante on the fun by giving you the chance to influence the game's outcome.

Set in 2051, An Expanded PUBG Universe

Witness the turbulent year 2051 transform the world of PUBG into a whole new battlefield. Discover new groups vying for supremacy in this dynamic environment. You go on an adventure with NEW STATE MOBILE that goes beyond the realm of PUBG.

Ultra-Realistic Images: Disrupting Limitations

Get ready to be astounded by NEW STATE MOBILE's state-of-the-art mobile gaming graphics. Discover "global illumination" technology, which pushes the boundaries of reality. The vast, open-world battlefield that PUBG Studios has created pushes the limits of visual perfection on mobile devices. Stability, performance, and optimisation all work together smoothly to improve your gaming experience thanks to the Vulkan API.

A Testimony to the Passion and Commitment of PUBG Players

With NEW STATE MOBILE, a new chapter in PUBG history has begun. This game shows the enthusiasm and commitment of PUBG fans, and it's not simply for fun purposes. The series ascends to new heights with NEW STATE MOBILE, bringing the pinnacle of PUBG to the world of mobile gaming. Join the ranks of the surviving and stake your claim in the mayhem of NEW STATE MOBILE so you don't miss out on this life-changing experience.

Experience NEW STATE MOBILE's Summer Festival right now to revel in an unmatched journey at your fingertips

Mod Features:

  • Esp lines
  • Esp boxes
  • 30 + More Features