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The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK 5.10.0 (Mega Menu)

Survive the Apocalypse with The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK Lead, build, and fight. Download now for undead adventures.


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Players may enter the harsh world of The Walking Dead with the thrilling smartphone game The Walking Dead Survivors. You'll go off on a quest of survival, strategy, and friendship in this fully licenced video game from Skybound Entertainment based on the popular comic series. Build and bolster the defences of your town to stave off the unrelenting assaults of both the living and the dead. You'll run across well-known comic book characters like Negan, Rick, Michonne, Glenn, and others along the route, giving your post-apocalyptic journey additional complexity and familiarity.

Upgrading your town's defences will unleash your survival power.

The requirement to improve and fortify your town's defences is at the heart of The Walking Dead: Survivors. It is essential to organise and prepare for survival since the relentless walkers will continually pose a danger to your community. In this post-apocalyptic world, you'll have to make important choices, and each action you do will determine how things turn out for you. So, you have a choice: will you put your efforts into forging alliances and strengthening your defences, or will you choose a more assertive strategy and raise an army to occupy the area forcibly? You get to make the decision, but bear in mind that time is of the matter and that delaying might cost you dearly.

Tower Defence: The Final Line of Defence

You are unable to take a break from the obstinate walkers. Your capacity to repel the undead's constant onslaught will determine whether or not your community survives. Build structures to improve the capabilities of your colony, bolster your defences, strategically place obstacles, attract more Survivors to your cause, and most importantly, strategize your path to triumph. Use your special talents properly to fend off walkers and change the course of the fight, since each Survivor has them.

Choose Your Allies and Enemies Wisely in a Social Game

You won't be on your own as you go through The Walking Dead: Survivors' brutal environment. Other gamers from all around the world will come into contact with you; everyone has their own goals and objectives. Make good alliance choices and be cautious about who you put your confidence in. The world is dangerous, and not everyone will have your best interests in mind. To increase your territory and be ready for the final showdown with the mighty Negan, establish strong Clans and develop numerous clan structures all throughout the area.

Explore a Big and Dangerous Area

There are several significant sites, individuals, priceless goods, and valuable resources to find on The Walking Dead: Survivors' huge and immersive area map. It becomes essential to get familiar with your surroundings if you want to survive. In order to get necessary resources and establish your supremacy, you must contend with rival clans for control of important structures on the map. In a world where every choice counts, there is a struggle for dominance.

Mod Features

  • No Ads
  • Cheat mod
  • Unlimited Money
  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • Increase speed character 

How to install games with a OBB: 1)Install The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Apk 2)Copy cache folder to SD/Android/obb If you do not have this folder, create it using any file manager 3)The result will be SD/Android/obb cache_folder /*obb file fourLaunch the application.