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PK XD 1.17.2 Menu Mod APK (Money/Gems/ESP/Home)

In PK XD, you can build a house of your own in various ways. You can decorate it with various decorative items such as


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Play Kids Inc.'s Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game known as PK XD is available on Android and iOS. It is a free-to-play game.

The game features a massive open-world environment where players can create their own avatars and build their own houses. It also allows them to interact with other players.


In addition to being able to create their own unique characters, players can customize their hair and skin tone. They can also decorate their houses with various items such as plants and furniture.

In PK XD, players can explore the world's various locations by visiting different neighborhoods, shopping malls, and parks. As they go through the various areas, they will encounter non-player characters who will guide them through mini-games and quests. These characters will provide players with various rewards, such as experience points, coins, and items.

In addition to being able to create their own unique characters, players can also interact with each other through social aspects. In PK XD, players can easily add friends and visit their house. It allows them to create clubs and participate in various events.

One of the most popular features of PK XD is its ability to participate in regular events. These events can include festive events such as Christmas and Halloween, as well as special occasions that celebrate the latest update.

PK XD's gameplay is simple and easy to pick up. Its controls are intuitive and simple, making it suitable for players of all ages. It also features a combat system that allows players to face off against monsters.

PK XD is a fun-filled game that offers a wide variety of activities and features that will keep players entertained. Its social aspect, gameplay, and open-world environment are some of the factors that make it a great choice for players of all age groups.

Since I couldn't find a game that was called PK XD, it's possible that the developer has removed it from the store or it might be renamed. The information above came from other games that are currently available on the Play Store.

In this tutorial, we'll talk about SEO and how it can help with the ranking of PK XD on search engines. Being able to easily reach out to potential players is very important for a game developer, as it can help boost the game's popularity and improve its search engine ranking. One of the most important factors that a game developer should consider when it comes to improving its online presence is the optimization of its social media pages and website.

If the game is referred to as PK XD, then the developer should consider optimizing its website and Facebook and Twitter accounts for certain keywords. Also, making sure that its social media platforms are secure and mobile-friendly is important. As more people use their mobile devices to browse the internet, the developer needs to make sure that its website and other online assets are easy to navigate.


In PK XD, players have the opportunity to participate in various events and activities designed to keep the game interesting.

  • In addition, players can also customize their own characters by choosing their hair styles, skin tones, and clothing options.
  • In addition, players can decorate their own homes by adding various items such as furniture and plants.
  • Mini-games and quests allow players to earn experience points, coins, and various items to decorate their homes.
  • Through social interaction, players can also interact with each other. They can visit their friends' houses and participate in group events.
  • A club is a type of group that allows players to work together to complete various tasks and participate in events.
  • The events in the game are held regularly and allow players to earn various rewards and prizes. These include Christmas and Halloween events, as well as special occasions that celebrate the latest update.
  • Combat: players can battle against monsters and earn experience points to level up their avatars.

These events are designed to provide players with an enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience. They also encourage them to continue playing the game and return to it regularly.


In PK XD, players have the option to customize their experience. There are a variety of options that allow them to create their own unique gaming experience.

  • The character customization options allow players to create their own unique look. They can choose from various skin tones, hair styles, and clothing options.
  • House customization allows players to create their own personal homes. They can decorate it with various items such as furniture and plants.
  • In addition, players can also purchase and use accessories to make their characters look more appealing.
  • Vehicles: Players can purchase and use vehicles to travel around the game world.
  • Pets: Players can purchase and raise pets that will follow them around in the game world.
  • Emoticons: Players can express themselves using different emoticons that are available in the game.
  • A club is a type of group that players can create. It can function as a cooperative project that allows them to complete various tasks.

Through these various customization options, players can create a personalized and unique gaming experience. They can also feel proud of their homes and avatars, which increases retention and engagement.

In addition to these, PK XD also features a variety of equipment and items that can be used to enhance the houses and avatars of players. These items can be acquired through various activities, such as participating in events and completing quests.


PK XD is a simple and straightforward game. Here are the necessary steps to get started.
  1. Download and install the pk xd mod from website .
  2. After the game is installed, you can then create an account. This can be accomplished by connecting your Facebook or email address to the app.
  3. Your account will then allow you to create a new avatar. This will allow you to customize the appearance of your character.
  4. After you have created your new avatar, you can access the main menu of the game. There, you can explore the world, interact with other players, and complete various mini-games.
  5. Your character can move around the world by using the arrow keys or the on-screen joystick. You can also interact with other players by tapping on them or using the action buttons.
  6. You can earn experience points and coins as you play the game. These can be used to purchase new equipment and items, as well as to level up your character.
  7. You can access your inventory by tapping on the bag icon located in the bottom right portion of the screen. This section will allow you to view and use the equipment and items that you have acquired.
  8. To add or visit other players' houses, you can do so by tapping on the social icon located in the bottom left portion of the screen. You can also view and interact with the other players.
  9. To view upcoming events and earn rewards, you can tap the calendar icon located at the bottom left corner.


Mod Features:

  • LINE SIZE virtual
Menu Mod lots of features 

MOD MENU​ Advance v2

  • ESP 3D BOX 

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