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Horrorfield 1.6.7 Menu MOD APK (Health)

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Horrorfield Horrorfield Horrorfield


Welcome to a world of spine-tingling adrenaline and heart-pounding excitement! The immersive experience that redefines the horror genre is called Horrorfield, which is more than simply a game. In this terrifying journey, you'll be traversing a world where every step might be your last while on the edge of survival and dread. Let's explore Horrorfield, a game that brings terror to life, and its terrible attraction.

Taking the Lead in Your Worst Nightmare

Put yourself in the role of a slasher movie lead while being kept on edge by a terrifying story. Every nook hides secrets that beyond comprehension, and the air is fraught with terror. You are invited by Horrorfield to embrace the unknown and face your worst fears.

Putting together the Survivor Team

You may locate a camp of seven survivors deep inside Horrorfield, each with special skills and tasks. These skills have the power to determine whether someone lives or dies:

They can outmanoeuvre the killer with unmatched quickness, according to the basketball player.

  • The doctor: They cure wounds and give people hope; they are a beacon of healing.
  • The Engineer: A skilled craftsperson, they can quickly make armour and fix generators.
  • The Thief: Using stealth to move through shadows, they appear to the murderer as a ghost.
  • A symbol of bravery who is fearful of the psychopath's mind is the mercenary.
  • The Scientist: Knowledgeable, adept at improving machinery, radiates enlightenment.
  • The police officer is a shining example of justice who is prepared to catch the killer.

The Excitement of Surviving

Your goal as a survivor is to pool your resources, form clever partnerships, and leave the psychopath's hideout. Work together with other survivors, use your combined talents and resources to outwit the relentless serial murderer.

Getting Around in the Dark

Enter the abandoned monster lair where traps lie in wait and secret sanctuaries hide unsettling secrets. Your protection will be silence; speaking up might reveal your existence. Utilise your ingenuity and evasive abilities to escape the hands of the serial murderer.

The Fight for Time

Quickly fix the generators to get the electricity back on and open the gate. Your efforts will save you and bring you out of the terrifying abyss. Survival is the only real win in our battle with time and fear.

Accept Horrorfield's Thrill

Horrorfield is more than simply a game; it's an adventure. Your senses are more acute, your heart is racing, and each choice is significant. Will you persevere against the legacy of the psychopath, or will the horror win? Within Horrorfield's eerie hallways, the decision is yours.

Is Horrorfield free to play?

Yes, Horrorfield is free to play, but players can purchase in-game items and currency with real money..

Can I play Horrorfield offline?

No, Horrorfield requires an internet connection to play..

Mod Features
  • Menu Mod
  • Unlock Premium
  • Instant Repair
  • Instant Open Door
  • Repair Health (God Mode)
  • No Injure
  • No Cooldown
  • No Skill CD
  • Unlimited Item
  • No Cooldown
  • Unlimited Item
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Freeze Enemy