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Chicken Gun Menu Mod APK v3.1.02 ( Unlock All Features )

Chicken Gun is a game created by Chalo Apps, a developer that specializes in creating games for animals.


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Chicken Gun is a game created by Chalo Apps, a developer that specializes in creating games for animals. In the game, players must use their chicken to fight off the invading roosters.

Chicken Gun Mod APK

I m not a fan of shooting games. On a fine day, I decided to play a game called Chicken Gun Games.

A new and different cockfighting chicken gun mod apk all unlocked

Cockfighting is a very popular game in many countries. If you are also interested in this game, then I highly recommend you to play Chicken Gun Games.

You can also customize your cock's appearance by selecting its feathers and crest.

Let the cocks get involved and start shooting at the roosters that are threatening to invade your area.

You just need to choose a weapon and touch an object to shoot. Once you get enough points, the system will give you various items to level up your pet. You can also choose a new weapon with different effects and damage.

You can also select a more noble cock character when you have enough points. This is not an exact requirement, though it can be done in advance.

On the way to the victory, there are also roses. Due to the complexity of the game, it can only wait for the system to make a decision.

Chicken gun Menu Mod APK

Although you have a gun to fight, you are not a real hero. Instead, when playing Chicken Gun, don’t allow yourself to get carried away by the pace of the game.

Your enemies are not going to stand still for you to attack. They will move around and jump around to try and find you.

It’s a shooting game with extreme entertainment chicken gun mod apk android

The second is about the character designers and 1001 shades of paint in the game. One of the most notable faces in Chicken Gun is that of a pet. When holding a gun, his expression is usually grim and fierce.

The fat belly and the fat body in transition scenes are very funny. Also, the enemy cocks have the same humorous appearance.

Chicken Gun's visual effects are well-designed and are comparable to real-world simulation game titles. The game's first view does not provide much realism, but the 3D effects in its transitions and the surrounding scenery make it look pretty realistic.

The music is also pretty basic. It's also got a piece of soft background music that adds to the excitement of the game.

Chicken Gun For PC

Your goal in this game is to design a character that will stand out among the other chickens. You can choose the color of the bird's feathers, its facial expressions, and its crest to create a unique look. Once you have chosen your design, you can start playing the match to see who is the strongest.

Cockfighting is a traditional game that is commonly practiced in many countries around the world. In this variant, instead of fighting cocks, you will play as a chicken and use a gun to kill the other birds that are trying to take over your territory. This isn't a traditional depiction of a fight between chickens, and it's not a despiction of a human being.

Chicken Gun Unlimited Resources

In this game, you will mainly operate two basic control buttons: one for moving your chicken and one for shooting at the targets. You can also see various items on the screen, such as grenades and smoke bombs, which you can use to defeat your opponent as fast as possible. Every time you make a kill, you will earn points which you can trade for items to increase your chicken's level.

When you have more points, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and increase their damage. These weapons are very important to have, as they allow you to easily kill your enemies and prevent them from getting stronger. Having a few special weapons can also help you defeat a variety of aggressive chickens. However, before you can use these weapons, you must be on the lookout for them and always be alert.

Although shooting with guns cannot speed up the movement of your chickens, they can still go very slowly due to their large belly. This is a big advantage for traveling as it allows them to appear very funny and cute. They also perform various other funny actions such as dancing.

What's New!

Esp 3D Box & bugs Fix 

Mod Features:

  • Chicken Gun Latest Mod 
  • Chicken Gun No Ads 
  • Free Purchase
  • Lots Of Money
  • Lots Of Gun And Skins
  • Long Range
  • One hit kill
  • Fly Mod
  • Jump Hack
  • Speed Mod
  • Big Enemy 

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