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Bloons TD Battles 6.18.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Map)

Strategic Mayhem Awaits! Download Bloons TD Battles MOD APK for Unlimited Fun. Conquer Bloons with Power-ups and Strategy


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Welcome to the heart-pounding world of Bloons TD Battles, where you'll engage in exhilarating multiplayer tower defence battles with head-to-head tactical gaming. Prepare for heated player-versus-player combat where you'll have to show off your tactical savvy and strategic ability as you go monkey against monkey. This brand-new Battles game was developed by the team behind the wildly popular Bloons TD 5 and boasts thrilling elements that will have you on the edge of your seat.

More than 50 Personalised Head-to-Head Tracks

With more than 50 unique head-to-head courses, you may practise for the ultimate battle while having your skills and cunning tested at every step. Place your monkey towers strategically to halt the bloons in their tracks and defeat your opponents.

Put together a Weaponry of 22 Awesome Monkey Towers

With a collection of 22 fantastic monkey towers, each with eight potent upgrades, you may construct a strong defence. The never-before-seen C.O.B.R.A. Tower is one of these towers and is prepared to unleash its power on your enemies.

Defence and Assault modes

With two separate game modes—Assault Mode and Defence Mode—take control of the conflict. Send relentless bloons storming through your opponent's line of defence while skillfully managing your defences in Assault Mode. Focus on increasing your revenue in Defence Mode and outlasting your opponent with stronger defences.

Battle Arenas: High-Risk Matches

Ready to up the ante? Battle Arenas let you participate in risky Assault games where your medallions are on the line. It's winner-takes-all in these venues, so bring your finest tactics and snag the win.

Card Battles: A Novel Approach

With Card Battles, Bloons TD gameplay takes on a novel twist. Create the ideal deck by carefully choosing potent cards to unleash on your adversaries. Use brand-new Powers, such as supercharged upgrades and bloon-boosting powers, to strengthen your towers. Try out your sabotage, eco, and track talents since they could be the secret to your success.

Weekly Leaderboard Competition

Show off your abilities and fight for the best rankings on the weekly leaderboards to win fantastic rewards and recognition. By starting and participating in private matches with your friends, you may test your tactics against individuals who are closest to you. Building your clan and working together to collect weekly prizes will help you embrace cooperation and establish your position as the best of the best.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Make your bloons stand out with eye-catching decals, and give your towers new skins bearing the distinctive mark of your wins. Aim high and work to complete 16 fun accomplishments that will demonstrate your command of the game.

Get in on the action and win the arena.

Prepare to fight in mighty monkey fights, win, and go to the top of the scoreboard. Bloons TD Battles takes place in a universe where clever strategy and cunning tactics are king. Do you feel up to the task? Conquer the Bloon-popping arena by joining the fight right away!

MOD Features


God mode (on the menu)

Unlock all heroes

Unlock all skins

Unlock all towers

Unlock all maps

Free upgrade

Free buy monkeys in battle