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Subway Surfers 3.21.1 Advance Menu Mod APK

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Prepare for an exhilarating trip with Subway Surfers! Run as quickly as you can, avoid colliding trains, and aid Jake, Tricky, and Fresh in escaping the grasp of the irate Inspector and his persistent dog. With its frantic action, vibrant visuals, and difficult gameplay, this captivating endless runner game will have you captivated. Get ready to begin the most thrilling pursuit of your life!

Infinite Running Amusement

Running through the colourful and aesthetically gorgeous world of Subway Surfers is an exhilarating experience that never ends. Discover the exhilaration of rushing along tube tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting priceless coins as you go. Every run becomes an intense struggle as the pace quickens with each passing second.

Disrupt Trains and Fly Through the Air

To evade the approaching trains as you dash through the tube, you must maintain your agility and nimbleness. To avoid the obstacles in your way, quickly swipe left or right. Learn the skill of acrobatics and execute lightning-fast swipes to pull off amazing manoeuvres and escape the Inspector's grasp.

Enhancements and Power-Ups

To acquire and upgrade power-ups that will help you escape, collect coins throughout your daring sprint. Hoverboards are used to surf through the tracks, the paint-powered jetpack is used for a burst of speed, and additional boosts are used to keep in front of the Inspector and his dog.

Test your friends and lend a hand

You may test and help your pals in Subway Surfers' social component. Compete to get the highest score to claim the top position on the leaderboards. Send your pals surprise parcels with unexpected gifts as another way to provide a hand.

An HD graphics-capable universal app

An optimal gaming experience on a variety of devices is provided by the universal app Subway Surfers. Take in the vibrant, high-definition visuals of the game as you immerse yourself in the exciting, action-packed universe.

Mod Features:

  • Menu Mod
  • Unlimited Money
  • Instant actions
  • Camera View
  • Train Stop
  • All Character Unlock
  • No Gravity
  • Speed
  • Size 1-100
  • Fly
  • Free shopping
  • No countrylock
  • No Ads