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Fate/Grand Order Mod APK 2.82.2 (Mega Menu/Quartz/Money)

Unleash Limitless Power with Fate/Grand Order MOD APK Master the Art of Time Travel and Conquer Epic Battles. Download Now for Immersive Gaming.


TYPE-MOON's engaging mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order (English) is well-known for its compelling characters and rich plot. The game spins a complex storyline spanning millions of words of unique story material, with an engaging main plot and multiple character missions. Fate/Grand Order delivers a variety of stuff to appreciate, whether you are a devoted fan of the Fate franchise or a beginner to the series.

A Look Into the Dark Future

2017 is the year. An organisation entrusted with watching Earth's future, A.D. Chaldea, makes the unexpected revelation that human history will end in 2019. 2017's promised future quickly disappears, leaving Chaldea with unanswered concerns. What sparked this catastrophic occurrence? The future of mankind vanished, but how and why? Chaldea starts looking for solutions.

The Arrival of Unseen Terrain

A little Japanese provincial village suddenly becomes mysterious and impossible to understand in the year 2004. Chaldea launches its sixth experiment, time travel, because of concern that this abnormality would cause mankind to perish. Humans are transformed into Spiritrons in a prohibited ritual and transported back in time to affect crucial historical events. Their goal is to locate and eliminate the space-time singularities, which are the underlying cause of the approaching disaster. Their lofty goal is to save mankind and maintain the flow of history.

A Grand Order for the Defence of Humanity

Grand Order is the correct categorization for the purpose, which is to safeguard Humanity. By making a deal with Heroic Spirits, legendary characters from different eras of history, players take on the role of Masters. Together, they must overcome formidable foes and solve the puzzle of why human history has vanished.

RPG game Command Card Battle

A command card warfare RPG, Fate/Grand Order is expertly optimised for mobile devices. In tight encounters with adversaries, players assume the role of Masters and control their Heroic Spirits. The keys to success are tactical preparation, strategy, and mastery of your Heroic Spirits.

A Universe of Valorous Spirits

As a Master, you have the opportunity to assemble a team of your favourite Heroic Spirits, featuring both well-known figures from the Fate series and fresh newcomers. The game has a wide range of characters, each of them has special talents and powers. Build your party thoughtfully to guarantee synergy and increase your chances of victory.

The Game's Creative Minds Fate/Grand Order features an excellent group of creators, including:

By Kinoko Nasu, Game Composition and Scenario Direction

Yuichiro Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai are the scenario writers, while Takashi Takeuchi is responsible for character design and art direction.

Adaptability and Conditions

Players need smartphones or tablets with Android 4.1 or above and 2GB or more RAM in order to participate in this epic journey. Beta OS versions and devices with Intel CPUs are incompatible with the game.

Collection of Data and Privacy

Some personal information will be gathered when you download the app in order to provide you access to the game and relevant advertisements. You have given your agreement to this data processing by downloading Fate/Grand Order. Refer to the game's Privacy Policy for further details on privacy and your rights.


How does the game manage privacy and personal information?

A: Specific personal information will be gathered when you download and use the Fate/Grand Order (English) app in order to deliver the game and relevant advertisements. You provide your permission to this data processing by choosing to download the application. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for a thorough understanding of your privacy rights and information.

The English version of Fate/Grand Order is a single-player game.

A: Fate/Grand Order emphasises single-player gameplay mainly. Individual players complete missions and tasks while fighting in turn-based combat with the Heroic Spirits they have selected. But social aspects like joining guilds or clans and chatting with friends inside the game are possible.

I don't know anything about the Fate series, yet I can still enjoy Fate/Grand Order (English).

A: Definitely! The English version of Fate/Grand Order is designed to be understandable to both longtime and novice fans of the Fate series. No matter how acquainted a player is with the mythology of the series, the game delivers a unique and entertaining experience.

Mod Features:

  • Menu Mod
  • Multiple Damage
  • No ads 
  • Shopping
  • Max Np Gain

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