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World of Kotodaman MOD APK 6.3.1 (Dumb Enemy/One Hit Kill)

Conquer the World of Kotodaman with MOD APK Unleash word magic, epic battles. Download now for linguistic adventures


Welcome World to Kotodaman, a fascinating role-playing game that uses the power of words in combat! Join well-known figures like Izuku Midoriya & Katsumi Bakugo, Ochako Uraraka, and All Might on epic missions and in alliances. Experience the thrill of crafting words to unleash devastating assaults and vanquish intimidating foes. For word lovers and RPG fans alike, Kotodaman guarantees a memorable gaming experience thanks to its addicting gameplay and wide variety of attractive and fascinating characters.

Words Have Power—Use It!

Spell words that include World of Kotodaman

By fusing the souls of the letters, or World of Kotodaman you may become a word master in Kotodaman. Put together words like "Yu," "Ga," "Shi," and "Ki" to produce strong assaults and vanquish your adversaries. The options are endless with over 290,000 words accessible, giving each conflict a distinct challenge.

Learn Special Moves and Combos

To take down your opponents with style, strategically link together strong special moves and generate combinations. The assaults get more destructive as the words become longer and more complicated. Win the fight by showcasing your command of the language!

Participate in Co-Op Mode Play with Friends in Multiplayer Fun and Exciting Quests

For those looking for an RPG to play with others, Kotodaman is ideal. Take part in cooperative multiplayer fights and difficult tasks. In the thrilling co-op gameplay, cooperation and coordination are crucial for success.

"My Hero Academia" Quiz Time!

Test your knowledge of "My Hero Academia" in the "Certificate Quest" mode. To get "Star 4-5 Hero Aka Summoning Fruit" prizes, answer quiz questions truthfully. Display your knowledge of the My Hero Academia world!

A Complex Narrative and Unknown Worlds

Kotonokai's World

A region in Kotodaman's planet known as "Kotonokai" is named after the legendary war deity "Kotono." The Black Moon, a sickness of the realm of words, threatens the peace after the three great nations agree to a ceasefire. When the Kotodama planet receives a desire from an enigmatic voice, heroes from other worlds, including "Koto Tree," set out on a mission to preserve it. Discover hidden information, use your sword, and work together to avert the disaster.

An A-List Cast and Original Characters

The voice actors of Kotodaman's star-studded ensemble give its distinctive characters life. The game showcases a broad variety of talents, each of which adds their own flare to the characters, including Tomokazu Sugita, Aoi Yuki, and many more. With the enthralling voice performances, you may completely immerse yourself in the Kotodaman universe.

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  • Unlimited Money