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Hungry Shark World 5.4.0 MOD APK (Menu,Unlimited Money)

Rule the Ocean as a Hungry Shark in Hungry Shark World MOD APK Devour, Explore, and Unleash Chaos Underwater. Ready to Hunt? Download Now


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Join us for a thrilling underwater adventure that will far exceed your anticipation and enthusiasm. The thrilling sequel to Hungry Shark World gives you an immersive experience that allows you to assume the role of a powerful shark. We shall learn more about the undersea calamity in this article.

The Trench, Meg 2 Hungry Shark World

The enormous sequel Hungry Shark World will astound you. As they go into the enormous expanse of The Trench, the sharks ascend triumphantly in this game. The player will travel through this aquatic region with a voracious appetite, eating everything in their path. 

Numerous Species and Characters

You are presented with a gallery of 42 different shark species, each separated into 8 size levels. You may pick your finned friend from a wide variety of sharks, customise their skins, and unleash the power of their distinct personalities while maximising their stats.

Widespread Aquatic Realms

With Hungry Shark World, you have access to a rather huge playground. Investigate the mesmerising scenery of the Pacific Islands, the frigid Arctic, the enigmas of the Arabian Sea, and the thriving South China Sea. 

Graphics of a console calibre

Enter a world with breathtaking 3D visuals that can compete with console games. The visuals of Hungry Shark World are both magnificent and horrifying, letting you lose yourself in the sight of abysmal anarchy. Prepare to be stunned by the reality that surrounds you.

Change in Carnage

You have the option to equip your shark with a number of tools as you go through the game. Your shark becomes the greatest predator as it develops into jetpacks and umbrellas.

From Predator to Prey

The universe of Hungry Shark universe shows how quickly the hunter and the prey may switch places. Keep in mind that in this dangerous and dynamic environment, even the top predator must exercise caution.

Apex's ascent

As the prospect of extinction becomes closer, unleash the terrifying might of apex sharks. To prevent the approaching annihilation of the planet, ascend from the depths. Take use of the SuperSize mode to unleash thrilling rushes, cause mayhem with explosive skills, and hypnotise the ocean into a tizzy. You have more power than ever to rule the oceans thanks to Hungry Shark World.

Mod Features:

  • Mod menu
  • Unlock Shark
  • Increase Speed
  • More Features...