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Frag Pro Shooter 3.15.1 Mod APK (Menu/God Mode)

Dominate Frag Pro Shooter Now Unlimited Money and Diamonds Hack for Epic Wins. Unleash Your Shooting Skills.


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Calling all Fraggers Get ready for an amazing gaming experience as FRAG Pro Shooter invites you to the action-packed realm of PvP hero combat. Created by Oh BiBi, this free-to-play FPS and TPS action game is intended for your phone, providing intense 1v1 duels and exhilarating 2v2 team clashes against gamers from across the world. Step into the arena, pick your hero, and let the fight begin.

PvP Mode: Engage in Epic Battles Frag Pro Shooter 

In FRAG Pro Shooter, the core of the game resides in its PvP mode, where you'll face off against gamers that share your enthusiasm for war games. Prepare for brief and fierce online duels that will put your talents to the test. Whether you like the adrenaline rush of first-person (FPS) or the tactical perspective of third-person (TPS), FRAG Pro Shooter adapts to your gaming style.

Embrace the 2v2 Team Mode

New to FRAG V3 is the thrilling 2v2 team mode, where you may join up with a buddy or a random person to take on the opponent squad. Coordinate your actions, plot your assaults, and exhibit the strength of collaboration to emerge triumphant.

Unleash Your Arsenal of Weapons

With over 100 diverse weapons at your disposal, FRAG Pro Shooter enables you to explore numerous battle techniques. Experiment with various weapons and discover the right combination for your hero and the battlefield. Adapt your weaponry to fit the battlefield and your chosen gaming style.

Customize and Personalize Your Heroes

Create your perfect dream squad with a pool of 100+ heroes, each boasting distinct powers and qualities. Customize your characters with skins and power-ups, making them true champions on the battlefield. Whether you play offline or online, your hero's potential remains unrivalled.

Master the Art of Switching Characters

In the fast-paced world of FRAG Pro Shooter, understanding when to swap between your five characters might provide you a strategic edge. Revive instantaneously with another character after loss, enabling you to resume the battle and take the opportunity for triumph.

Evolve with the Meta FRAG Pro Shooter keeps the gameplay experience fresh with frequent updates that add new heroes and rebalance old ones. Embrace the ever-changing meta, adjust your methods, and remain ahead in the fragging madness.

Offline and Online Firepower

For those wanting a solitary gaming experience, FRAG Pro Shooter gives the option to shoot offline as well. But the true thrill comes in the online bouts, where you can put your talents to the test against other players and establish your worth as a fragging champion.

Tips for Success

Discover the strengths and limitations of each character to discover the right match for your playstyle. Whether you prefer an aggressive assault or a smart defense, FRAG Pro Shooter offers numerous techniques for success. Don't forget to target foes for enormous points, but always be prepared for surprise ambushes.

Are there in-app purchases in FRAG Pro Shooter?

Yes, the game may offer in-app payments for cosmetic goods, power-ups, and other features. However, these payments are fully voluntary, and players may enjoy the game without making any transactions.

How frequently does FRAG Pro Shooter get updates?

FRAG Pro Shooter is always expanding, with monthly updates that include new characters and balancing modifications to maintain a dynamic and entertaining meta.

Is FRAG Pro Shooter acceptable for all ages?

While the game is typically acceptable for all audiences, it's crucial to examine the age rating and content to ensure it corresponds with specific interests and age groups.

Mod Features:

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Frag Pro Shooter Menu Mod Preview