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Dragon City Mod Menu Apk v22.3.3(One Hit/Energy))

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Dragon City mobile mod menu apk

In Dragon City Mobile, you will have the ability to own a wide variety of creatures that are both powerful and lovable. Becoming the top Dragon Master will allow you to fight in global events and collect various rewards.

Introduce Dragon City Mod

Ever played a game where you build an army to fight against other players? There are different kinds of players, such as real and computer gamers?

In this game, the player builds various structures such as forts, towers, and storehouses to store various supplies such as food and ammunition. It's a complete war game.

Dragon City is a game that was developed for Android and later ported to iOS. It features a variety of multiplayer features and it takes a long time to complete a game.

Since there are many items in Dragon City that are paid, some of you might feel cheated since you have to win various war levels in order to obtain these items. However, with the help of this mod, you can now enjoy all the features of the game without waiting for the completion of certain levels.

Build your dragon island

In this game, you have to build an island for dragons. You can decorate it and expand it by destroying the surrounding trees or construct an island with fire, water, and earth elements to create a perfect habitat for the dragons.

Dragon Book

There are more than 500 dragons in Dragon Book. Each week, there are new species added to the game. It is also constantly updated with new details about dragons.

Each dragon has its own unique evolution stage. It can be enhanced by obtaining more stats and special skills after reaching the required level.

Create legend dragons

Crossbreed two dragons to create a new dragon with the attributes of both parents. In Dragon City, there are many rare elements that can be used to create dragons that have special qualities.

PvP battles

After reaching the required level, you can participate in the PvP Arena. In this area, you can use your strongest dragons to take on other players or the AI of the game.

You can use up to 3 dragons in a match. When choosing the type of dragon that you will use, remember to base it on the elements of the enemy's dragons.


Dragon Island in Dragon City is a fairyland full of dragons and 3D graphics. Its unique design and vibrant colors make it look amazing.

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-Mod Menu
-One hit kill

Download - Dragon City Mod: Mobile

Current Version
18 May 2022.
Offered By
Requires Android

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