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Galaxy Attack Alien MOD APK 52.8 (GodMode)

Save the Galaxy in Style with Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK Blast Through Alien Hordes - Download Now for Intergalactic Action.


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Galaxy Attack, an action-packed space shooting game, puts Earth's final chance in your hands. Your job as the only spaceship's pilot is to protect Earth from the alien swarms' constant assaults. The destiny of the universe depends on your ability to defeat these wicked foes and prevent the extinction of mankind. Prepare yourself for a demanding and exciting journey that will put your shooting prowess to the test!

What to Do

Touching the screen allows you to navigate your spaceship and defeat any opponents who get in your path. You must be able to move quickly and precisely in order to fire down the approaching enemy troops if you want to survive. Collect different objects as you go through the game to improve your spaceship and armaments, increasing your likelihood of victory.

Features of the Multiplayer Galaxy Attack Mode

You may participate in thrilling 1 versus. 1 or 1 v. 3 matches against other players in the multiplayer mode of Galaxy Attack. To establish yourself as the supreme space warrior, put your abilities to the test and compete against friends or strangers from across the globe.

High-Definition Pictures

The game has excellent visuals that have been scaled for tablets and big displays. Enjoy breathtaking sights while exploring other universes and squaring off against powerful foes.

Active Talents

You have the option to use active abilities during fierce space conflicts, which adds another level of strategy to the action. Make judicious use of these abilities to get the upper hand over your opponents and triumph.

An abundance of levels

With more than 160 levels and a spectrum of difficulties, Galaxy Attack provides a wide variety of tasks. To advance in the game, you must fulfil the tasks and obstacles that are specific to each level.

Missions that are immersive and boss fights

Set off on stunning levels that will take you on an exciting cosmic voyage with engaging quests. Get ready for several difficult boss fights that will put your mettle to the test.

Upgrades to Weapons

You have the option to improve your weapons and lasers as you go through the game. To unleash your spacecraft's full deadly potential and become an unstoppable force against the alien swarms, increase its power.

Can my buddies and I play the shooting game Galaxy Attack together?

A: Certainly! In the multiplayer mode of Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game, you may compete against friends or gamers from across the globe in exhilarating 1 vs. 1 or 1 vs. 3 combat.

Do tablets and huge displays work with the game?

A: Certainly! To ensure you get the finest visual experience possible while defending Earth from extraterrestrial invaders, Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game is optimised for tablets and wide displays.

How difficult is the Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game?

A: As you move through the stages, the difficulty of the game increases. In order to beat several very difficult bosses and complete engrossing missions, you'll need to refine your abilities against an increasing number of infinite galaxy foes.

Mod Features:

  • Menu Mod
  • 1 Hit kill
  • Speed Game
  • God Mode
  • High Damage
  • Auto Kill
  • Skins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Buy Gold
  • Remove Ads