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Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel of the zombie game series Madfinger Games, and it takes place a year after the events of the first game. As a whole, it is a better version of the game, and it achieves the same quality in many aspects.

Introduce, dead trigger 2 mod apk

In this action-packed game series, players must survive a zombie apocalypse while shooting the monsters in this fast-paced shooter.

With over 600 gameplay scenarios and over 30 different battlefields, it's hard to beat this game series.

More than 70 different types of gun weapons! This game has the most variety of weapons ever used in a zombie game. Come and help us wipe out the zombies!

Use various melee weapons such as the Bats, the Sword, and the Machetes, to take down the zombies. This game has the best control quality ever!

It's a shooting game, but also a fun zombie game. There are also weekly tournament events in the Arenas, where players can kill zombies with style.

At MadFINGER Games, we are always pushing the envelope in terms of gaming quality. From our cutting-edge graphics to our precise control system, we are proud of the quality of our games.

Since 2010, we've been developing the best first-person action games. With titles such as Dead Trigger, Unkilled, and Shadowgun War Games, we're constantly pushing the envelope in terms of gaming quality.


In just a couple of years, the zombies have decimated every military facility and medical facility in the world. They didn't last long, and the new species had tremendous power.

Everyone is turned into zombies, and only a few characters are left standing. The main character, who is played by Sam Fisher, must embark on a journey to find the cure for the plague.


Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooter with various features that make it a unique experience. One of these includes large open worlds that allow players to move around any location they want.

With this game, players can play their own way and take down the zombies with various weapons and techniques. It's also a unique way to increase the tension in the gameplay.

Some of the boss-zombies have special powers, such as Kamikaze, who can destroy a city with a box of explosives. Other species include Vomitron, who can vomit chemicals into you, and Rampager, who has a flexible body and can withstand 10 grenades.

Guns are the most effective weapons against zombies, as they can take down them from a distance. While they're very close, staying near the ammunition boxes is also important.

In addition to the story mode, there's also a sniper mode where players can take down zombies using their sniping skills. In this mode, you'll have to protect civilians from the zombies roaming around you. It's a very challenging task and requires a lot of accuracy and concentration.


Unity technology is used to make Dead Trigger 2's graphics incredibly impressive. Its detailed environment and high-quality visuals make it stand out.

The key features of the game Dead Trigger 2 apk:

Easy and intuitive control;

Daily gifts for entering the game;

Nice and colorful picture;

Perfect application optimization;

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12 May 2022.
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