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Soul Knight Menu MOD APK 5.5.0 (Unlimited Money/Character)

Dive into Ultimate Adventure! Soul Knight Mod APK: Unlock All Characters and Skins. Conquer Enemies with Style.


An exciting mission to defend the earth from high-tech aliens that have stolen the magical stone, the very essence that keeps the cosmos in balance, is taken up by players in the action-packed shooter game Soul Knight. You must find the mystical stone and stop the alien invasion as the destiny of the Earth hangs in the balance. Enter a world of gunplay, swordplay, and magical conflicts where the fate of mankind depends on your bravery.

The World is in Danger

The game begins in a chaotic period when the once-peaceful globe is in danger of being destroyed. The mystical stone has been possessed by high-tech aliens, who have wreaked havoc and jeopardised the stability of the cosmos. As you set out on a perilous expedition to find the stolen stone and restore peace to the earth, the future of mankind is exclusively in your hands.

Interested Gameplay

Players can easily enter into the action thanks to Soul Knight's very simple and straightforward controls. Rogue-like characteristics paired with the slick and fun gameplay provide an engaging and engrossing experience right away. As you enter the action's core, be ready to be enthralled.

Different Heroes and Armour

Select from a huge selection of over 20 different heroes, each with its own distinctive skills and playing preferences. There is a hero that perfectly suits your chosen style of battle, whether you choose the speed of a rogue, the accuracy of an elf archer, or the might of a mage.

Discover an astounding armoury of over 400 weapons, including firearms, swords, and even shovels, to help you in your search. You'll get limitless fun from playing with various weapons to discover your preferred method of taking out the bothersome creatures since there are so many methods to do so.

Unique Treasures and Dynamic Dungeons

Discover randomly generated dungeons that take you through goblin-infested dark woodlands and zombie-infested mediaeval chateaus. There are difficult enemies and lootable riches in every dungeon. Meet a variety of NPCs along the route to enhance the thrill and depth of your dungeon-crawling experience.

Controls that are simple to use and multiplayer options

The auto-aim system in the game provides very simple control. You can easily score super combinations by dodging, firing, and casting talents with only a few presses. You may use a controller if you like, which will improve your overall game experience.

Additionally, Soul Knight provides multiplayer options for both offline multiplayer LAN games and online co-op adventures. Join forces with pals from all around the globe to defeat the alien danger, or take part in some action-packed combat locally with your buddies.

Many different game modes and features

With a variety of game modes and features to suit varied tastes, Soul Knight appeals to a wide spectrum of gamers. If you want to use your brains, the tower defence mode tests your ability to plan ahead and hold out against frequent opponent onslaught.

Mod Features

  • Menu Mod
  • No ads 
  • God Mode
  • Fly Mod
  • Speed Mod
  • Jump Mod
  • No Damage
  • Speed Boost 
  • Unlimited Money