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Among Us Menu Mod apk V.2022.6.21 (Unlock all features)

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among us  Menu Mod Apk

Among Us is a game that will take place in 2020, and it features a unique gameplay style. Players will be assigned to either the Crewmate or Impostor side.

Introduce Amoung Us Menu Mod Apk.

Among us mod apk android is a multiplayer social deduction game created by Innersloth. It was inspired by the horror film The Thing and the party game Mafia.

The game was ported to various platforms in December 2020. It was initially released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. It received a massive boost of popularity in 2020 due to popularizing it on Twitch.

A standalone VR version of the game, called Among Us VR, is being developed by Innersloth and will be released on various platforms, including SteamVR and PlayStation VR. In this space-themed setting, players will look like cartoon astronauts.

Each player has two roles: Crewmates and Impostors. While most of them are Crewmates, some of them play Impostors. Players suspected of being an Impostor may be eliminated through a vote of the remaining crewmates.

The objective of the Crewmates is to eliminate the Impostors and complete other tasks around the map. The Impostors are tasked with sabotaging the mission by killing the Crewmates in order to sabotage it.


the wolf among us mod apk download is a multiplayer game where up to three players are randomly chosen to be the Imposters. Each round, a round can be initiated on one of four maps, with locations such as "The Skeld" or "MIRA HQ".

the wolf among us mod apk all episodes unlocked can win one of two ways, namely by killing most of the crewmates or sabotaging a critical system.

Games can also end if a player quits the game, as doing so would result in them finishing the assigned tasks.

Impostors are given a list of suggested tasks to carry out with Crewmates, but they cannot perform the tasks on the ship. They can also sabotage vital systems, such as the oxygen supply, and they can kill Crewmates when they're near them.

The Crewmates can use various surveillance systems to help identify Impostors. Some of these include The Skeld's security cameras, an admin system in HQ, and a vitals indicator in Polus.

If a Crewmate is killed or ejected, they become a ghost. They can pass through walls and chat with other ghosts.

Ghosts can help their living teammates complete their tasks by performing various acts of sabotage. They can also call a group meeting or report a dead body.

During a meeting, players are asked to identify an Impostor, who they believe is someone who is killing or venting their anger. Players may also be suspected of being an Impostors if they are seen killing or venting their anger.

Each crew member has a vote, and if a majority of them votes, the player with the most votes is ejected from the map. If the majority of them votes no, the player with the most votes becomes a ghost.

While the game doesn't have a built-in Voice chat system, it is usually used by players who are in close proximity to each other. Most of the time, they use Discord or another external program.

In each game's lobby, various customization options are available to customize the gameplay experience. Some of these include the number of emergency meetings, tasks, and visual tasks that can be performed.


The concept was originally created by Marcus Bromander, who also played Mafia. In the original game, players were tasked with killing a person, while another player secretly killed them.

The team wanted to create a game that could appeal to both casual and hardcore fans, so they decided to create a space themed environment and also add tasks.

Among us hack mod menu was originally intended to be a mobile-only multiplayer game. They then decided to build the first map,The Skeld.among us mod apk by android.

They found the setup stressful, as it would take a while for them to finish their detective work and would often break down during playtesting.

Among Us was developed by a team of 8 friends. They tested the game with 8 of them, and never with 10 or more players.

The team almost gave up on the game due to its poor release, but they eventually kept working on it due to its small but vocal player base.

The game was released on Steam in November 2018. Originally, the game only had audio to hide the secrets in a local setting, but Willard mixed sounds from various sound packs to create the SFX.

In August 2019, Innersloth released another map, MIRA HQ, which is a "tightly packed headquarters" sized around the size of The Skeld.

These maps were originally US$4 each. They were reduced to US$2 in January 2020. They then made them free in June 2020.

The team's habit of putting out multiple updates a week led to the game's steady increase in player base, which is what they should have done differently.

After Among Us 2 was cancelled in August 2020, the team shifted their focus to a sequel. During this time, they continued to update the game's multiplayer features.

In September 2020, the team cancelled the sequel to Among Us, but they wanted to add all the content that was intended for the original game. The game's codebase was then rewritten to enable them to add new features.

In October 2020, they also announced their plans to fix the server issues and add a system to ban disruptive players.

Some of the features that were added in February 2021 include a new chat feature called Quickchat, as well as new game modes and a fifth map.

Players under 13 are required to use Quickchat, while those over 13 can use Free Chat. The Airship map was released in 2021.

Geoff Keighley, the Game Awards host, also became a skin for the map. It's also free to play.

The accounts system was also implemented along with the update, which allows players to report those who are not following the Code of Conduct. It also requires that players create their own account descriptions and account creations are required if they want to customize their nicknames.

A multiplayer friends system and the ability to connect multiple accounts were also planned in the future.

The game's 3rd anniversary saw the release of its new colors, as well as a new meeting screen and a revamped design. On July 7, 2021, a new task called "Clean Vent" was added, which prevents Impostors from using it.

Memes and mod menu among us apk
The game's popularity continued into the following months.

YouTube reported that videos about Among Us were viewed 4 billion times in September 2020, and TikTok videos related to Among Us had over 13 billion views in October 2020. YouTuber CG5 wrote a song based on the game in September 2020, titled "Show Yourself", and gained over 60 million views in four months. In September 2020, the game exceeded 100 million downloads and its player count rose to 1.5 million concurrent players (nearly 400 thousand of which were on Steam), then peaked at 3.8 million in late September.

The sudden increase in players overloaded the game's server, which according to Willard was "a totally free Amazon server, and it was terrible." This forced him to work quickly, under crunch time, to resolve these issues.

In August, Innersloth opened an online store for Among Us themed merchandise. The game's popularity inspired many original songs, fanarts and internet memes, Willard expressed that fan-created content "really is the best part" of making Among Us, and Bromander called it "my favorite thing to see". 

The game popularized the slang word "sus" (meaning "suspicious or suspect"), which had been used before the game's release. Other slang terms as well as internet memes popularized and inspired by Among Us include 'Sussy' and 'Sussy Baka' (derived from "sus"), 'When the Imposter is Sus' (ironic meme based on Among Us), and 'Amogus' (satiric misspelling of "Among Us").


Starting to play, you are randomly assigned to play your role in one of the two camps. Either side, if you want to win, you have to do well with your goal and mission.

For the Astronaut faction, win by completing the missions to launch the ship or chase all the impostors. However, it was not easy to find the impostor immediately. Because it is not easy for them to reveal their identity anytime soon. Only when vandalism and murders occur will the astronauts have the clues about the impostor.

When vandalism occurs, they can repair the damage or report it if any corpses are found. Astronauts can hold an emergency meeting to discuss suspicious behavior and vote to get rid of the suspects. Remember the ultimate goal is to eliminate impostors and launch the spaceship.

Among Us Gameplay.

As for the Imposter, please do everything to destroy all the Astronauts. To do this, it is first necessary to deceive people by pretending to perform tasks and chatting like real astronauts at discussions. They could then create vandalism to cause chaos and split the crew.

Find vents or sneak into rooms to kill crewmembers in silence. It is quite difficult for the Impostors because they have less numbers but if you create divisions and kill the key figures of the Astronaut faction, victory will be easier for you.

Some other features.

It can be said that the play style of boardgame games is often very interesting, especially when there are many players. With Among Us, depending on the number of players, you can choose to add an imposter, add quests, … to make the game more interesting. However, the coolest feature is still playing with friends. It was a really great experience.

In September 2020, TikTok videos about Among Us were viewed more than four billion times. In October 2020, the game's popularity continued to grow.

In September 2020, the game reached over 100 million downloads, and its player count then rose to over a million concurrent players. Due to the influx of players, the game's server experienced a massive server overload.

In August 2018, Innersloth launched an online store for fans to buy Among Us merchandise. The store featured various original songs and memes created by fans.

Among Us popularized the term "sus", which means "suspicious or suspect". Other terms that were inspired by the game include "Sussy" and "Sussy Baka".

Each character has a unique role, and they are randomly assigned to one of two camps. For the Astronaut faction, the goal is to launch a ship or chase down all the impostors.

Since they can only learn about the impostor's identity once they encounter a murder or vandalism, astronauts are not able to immediately reveal their true identity.

The Astronauts can also vote to get rid of the suspects. The goal is to launch the spaceship and destroy the impostors.

It is also necessary to convince people that they're talking to real astronauts. Doing so could lead to riots and split the crew.

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Mod Features Amoung Us Menu Mod Apk.

- Show Player Info
- No Clip
- Move In Meeting
- Spam Report (Meeting Must Start)
- Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
- No Meeting Cooldown
- Close All Doors
- No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
- Can Move In Vent
- Sabotage Lights
- Repair Sabotage
- Teleport Outside
- Teleport Inside
- Spectate Player
- Shadows Through Walls
- Speed
- Torch Distance
- Pick Fake Role
- See Ghost + Chat
- Sabotage (Have Cooldowns)

Download - Amoung Us Menu Mod Apk: Mobile

Current Version
21 Jun 2022
Offered By
Innersloth LLC.
Requires Android

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